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The latest real estate sales in Wallingford for April 21 – 29.

WALLINGFORD — Property transfers reported from April 21 – 29.

Bryan E. Saulis and Rebecca M. Saulis to Nyasha D. Henry-Brown and Alyster Henry-Brown, 1185 Durham Road, $304,150.

June Dibiase to Mateusz Nodzewski, 25 Welcome St., $205,000.

Robert Lucania to Marie S. Roberts, 43 Edgerton Road, $337,500.

Sarah Anderson and Edwin Rivera to Alice M. Woodruff, 96 Willard Ave., $315,000.

Brian Stoehr to Luis Salgado, 530 Center St. Unit A2, $210,000.

Brian Joy to Betty J. Wilbur, 11 Apple St., $240,000.

Timothy A. Tyler to William P. Dambrose, 66 Hill Ave., $300,000.

Brigitte Joyce to Ana C. Leite, 42 Heritage Woods Unit 42, $220,000.

Abhir Adhate and Meredith Adhate to Jordy Padilla, 7 Longview Lane, $426,000.

James T. Alling and Mary E. Alling to Nonyelum N. Nwachukwu, 19 Docker Drive, $485,000.

James F. Austin and Joyce G. Austin to Karen A. Billings and Michael R. Billings, 1175 Durham Road, $345,000.


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