Property transfers reported from Aug. 26 — Sept. 2.

WALLINGFORD — Property transfers reported from Aug. 26 – Sept. 2.

Thomas O’Rourke and Robin L. Schwabb to Amanda Finn and Kyle Finn, 4 Cooper Ave., $340,000.


US Bank NA to Ashley Bannon and Anthony Miconi, 2 Reene Lane, $265,000.

Shanthini Jayanthan to Delmar FT and Peter Marchese, 35 Turnberry Road, $975,023.

Ryan Mappa and Kulia Mappa to Joseph Mappa, 12 Penn Drive, $266,250.

Glenn F. Clark to George Nista, 42 New England Drive, $550,000.

Patricia E. Solano-Bueno and Sandra R. Quito to Evan Pounds, 139 S. Cherry St., $360,000.

Sopkhill Lee to Wallingford Lee LLC, 66 N. Turnpike Road, $190,000.

Dino Karatzas to Anthony Belisle, 67 Carr St., $280,000.

Frank Calvi and Mary Tiberii to Tina Dellagelo, 575 Pilgrim Hbr Unit 575, $267,000.

Judy L. Gillooly to Torres Investment Firm, 109 Sigwin Drive Unit 109, $63,000.

Kathleen A. Clark to Glenn F. Clark, 83 Spice Hill Drive Unit 83, $175,000.

Helen T. Ridley to Robert Grant and Christine Grant, 250 Brentwood Drive Unit 250, $215,000.

Linda S. Wawrzeniak to John Lamonaca and Sara Lamonaca, 5 Shire Drive, $483,500.

Gilberto Belaval and Judy Belaval to Edward Sederquest, 25 Hallmark Hill Drive Unit 25, $255,000.

Edward A. Slavin and Geraldine H. Slavin to Wade Fowler and Joanne Fowler, 10 Jonathan Road, $385,000.

Cynthia Hayden to Deborah Bailey, 1458 Durham Road, $476,000.

Tarik Karim to Mahon LT, 43 Spice Hill Drive Unit 43, $279,000.

John G. Fernando to Victor A. Vera, 5 Foot Circle Unit 5, $345,000.

David Stegos to Antonio Solovan, 142 Staffordshire Commons Drive Unit 142, $200,000.


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