Property transfers reported from Oct. 21 — Nov. 4.

WALLINGFORD — Property transfers reported from Oct. 21 – Nov. 4

Suzanne F. Prentice to John Masella and Sharon Masella, 46 Cooper Ave., $260,000.

Criswald Realty LLC to Brandon Derose, 28 Chester Lane, $280,000.

Rolando Angueira and Yolanda Angueira to Zachary Boulier and Colleen Boulier, 6 Cooper Ave., $265,000.

Erika T. Warner to Robert Mirabello and Katherine G. Mirabello, 193 S. Airline Road, $225,000.

Patchwork Enterprises LLC to Kathleen Mcnulty, 71 N. Whittlesey Ave., $325,000.

Cara Espostio to Christian S. Rivera and Coraly Colon, 69 Lee Ave., $249,900.

Kathleen G. Ruddell to Joena F Russell, 138 Straffordshire Commons Drive Unit 138, $206,000.

Andrew M. Borelli and Cornelia C. Bprelli to Edward Storck and Sandra Strock, 231 Highland Ave., $372,000.

Roger M. Vandal and Colleen A. Vandal to Tara C. Lutzen, 410 4th Ridge Road, $265,000.

James Goettler and Donna Goettler to Allan R. Sjerwood and Margaret Sherwood, 79 Colonial Hill Drive Unit 79, $352,000.

Beverly A. Wilson to Danielle E. Morton, 24 Cornwell Road, $365,000.

Ankur P. Thaker and Neha Thaker to Yolande Morris, 27 Angela Drive Unit 27, $385,000.


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