The latest real estate sales in Wallingford for Dec. 13 – 27.

The latest real estate sales in Wallingford for Dec. 13 – 27.

WALLINGFORD — Property transfers reported from Dec. 13 – 27.

Kenneth Newberry and Aileen Newberry to Matthew Kelley and Taylor Girard, 3 Peach Hill Drive, $249,900. 

Helen Michalewicz EST and Tomasine Michalewicz to Paul Harrison, 362 S. Cherry St., $135,000.

Dolores Stanton and Daniel Stanton to Keaton Ryan and Audrey Ryan, 284 N. Airline Road, $267,500.

FNMA to William Carbone and Jacquelyn Carbone, 47 Blakeslee Road, $240,000.

USA HUD to Ravshandzho Nazhmiddinov, 329 S. Elm St., $63,575.

Blake Marcantonio to Evan Beauvais, 119 Ridgewood Road, $276,500.

Robert Fedora EST and Joseph Fedora to Claudia Carusone and Joseph Carusone, 61 E. Dayton Hill Road, $40,000.

WA Property Projects Inc to Jacquelyn Nuzzo and Nicholas Redmond, 72 Kondracki Lane, $268,000.

Thomas Souchuns and Joann Souchuns to Amy Souchuns, 14 Cassella Drive, $375,000.

56 Terrace LLC to Joanthan Andino Jr., 273 Washington St., $259,000.

Richard Rolan to Craig Lumbra, 16 Park St., $100,000.

John Occhibove to Zdenka Sindelarvoa, 170 S. Cherry St., $300,000.

David Morris and Christine Morris to William Kresic and Lyndsay Krecis, 110 William St., $325,000.

Faye Dudek to Sean Burns, 12 Douglas Court, $235,000.

Hamlin FT and Gerald Wener to Michael Baldarelli, 5 Hamlin Ave., $235,000.

Amanda Godinez to Julie Rak and Stanley Rak, Jr., 576 Gianotti Court, $239,900.

Roland Mcnary and Theresa Mcnary to Terence Boyle, 125 Chimney Hill Road, $290,000.

Betty Petersen to Christina Dominello, 46 Mariot Circle, $220,000.

Allen Murphy and Susan Murphy to Blake Marcantonio and Abby Marcantonio, 145 Chimney Hill Road, $365,000.

David Flyntz to Susan Tsolis and Eric Tsolis, 46 S. Cherry St., Unit 421, $81,000.

FNMA to Catherine Shea, 68 Evergreene, $66,000.