Black History Month: Listening and learning

Black History Month: Listening and learning

Black history can’t be confined to one month. It’s a case of the more you learn the more you realize how much more there is to discover. This is a rich and complex topic. 

Our goal with today’s special coverage of Black History Month is to highlight a few of the many stories that comprise local Black history — the people and events that have contributed to the vibrant and diverse life of our communities. We also want to provide resources that can help expand our understanding of racism, our historic and ongoing struggles with racial equality and how that impacts our country today.

Here at the Record-Journal, we are proud of our long history of providing the local news to our communities. Over the past year, we reassessed and reinvigorated our commitment to serve our communities and add to the diversity of our publications as well as our workplace. As a company, we have formed a Diversity & Inclusion Committee whose members created the mission to “take actions that will create and support a workplace and products that are inclusive, diverse and representative of the communities we serve.”

To this end, the Record-Journal is taking steps to ensure that our content, community outreach, and hiring practices remain equitable and representative of our community.

One approach to our outreach is listening. This is done through a program called Voices — Community Powered Journalism,  a chance for us to hear questions from local community members and answer them through our reporting. Soon, we also plan to launch a Latino Communities Reporting Lab, another opportunity for us to incorporate community listening into our reporting. By listening to our community, we can better provide our readers with focused content to keep you informed and engaged.

We're also supporting local students by offering minority internships and scholarships, and we're developing new ways to attract and retain diverse and representative talent. 

We celebrate the diversity of our communities and will continue to explore the many cultures in the towns we cover. We will to listen to the wide variety of voices that contribute to that diversity and welcome their stories to our pages.

Today we put the focus on Black History Month and we hope that you’ll enjoy this special edition of the Record-Journal.

RJ Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Throughout the month, read stories about the people, past and present, who contribute to our community life, and learn about local Black history and how it influences us today.

With local school, politics and coronavirus news being more important now than ever, please help our newsroom deliver the coverage you deserve. Please support Local news.

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