EDITORIAL: Bringing new life to 4 Center Street in Wallingford

EDITORIAL: Bringing new life to 4 Center Street in Wallingford

It’s never good when an old building is left to languish. Empty buildings tend to have an infectious nature; their mere presence is a reminder of vacancy, and perhaps stagnation. This effect is even worse when the building is in a prominent location.

That’s been the situation at the corner of Center Street and Route 5 in Wallingford for too long, and it’s good to see developments there taking on a new vigor. 

Early last month a deal was finalized that put the large, white building at 4 Center St. into the hands of Michael and Lura Terrace. “I want to bring it back to its former glory,” Michael Terrace told the Record-Journal. That should be music to the ears of those in Wallingford who can view the sale as an end to futility, especially since the sale included the thriving next-door property to the north at 35 N. Colony St. The sale for both came in at $835,000.

The Terraces appear to know what they’re getting into, with Michael Terrace telling this newspaper he was attracted by the “diamond in the rough” qualities of the place.

“Nobody’s been in here for a while,” he said of 4 Center St. “I drive by the property all the time, and there’s so much potential and it’s a great location.”

The building came into the world in 1900 — and is now zoned for mixed residential and commercial use — and so there’s no surprise that the task ahead includes fixing it up. Michael Terrace said the plan is to rent. 

“I think it will be very exciting to have someone to occupy the building, to make improvements to the building, because that’s such a visible and important property downtown,” said Town Planner Kacie Hand. “It’s nice to see some new energy going into that property.”

It’s hard not to agree, and it’s important to note that this is the kind of movement that helps bring cheer to the beginning of a new year, and a new decade.