EDITORIAL: HUBCAP Wallingford provides path to employment

EDITORIAL: HUBCAP Wallingford provides path to employment

Last year, HUBCAP Wallingford partnered with Workforce Alliance to provide a training program for students interested in the manufacturing field. It wasn’t a big program, but it was a success, with nine of the 13 students who completed the program finding employment in manufacturing.

We hope for similar success this year, as HUBCAP partners with Workforce Alliance, the Wallingford Public Schools and Wallingford Adult Education to hold a training program for residents seeking careers in healthcare. The pilot program will run from Sept. 17 to Feb. 13.

The Certified Nursing Assistant program is “a good starter program to get into the healthcare field," said Joe Mirra, founder and chairman of HUBCAP Wallingford, which is a nonprofit business incubator providing “authentic learning experiences and opportunities for collaboration between school, business, and community.”

The fact that Masonicare Health Center and Gaylord Hospital have agreed to allow students access to their facilities for training lends credence to the project. The goal is to prepare residents 18 or older for job placement. At the end of the course, students will be able to take the state's CNA exam.

"What's unique is that we're bringing in two entities at the beginning of the program and making it an active part of the programs," said Wallingford School Superintendent Salvatore Menzo. Students will be able to develop “that real-world connection” with potential employers, he added.

Ed Dooling, Masonicare vice president of human resources, said that by observing trained onsite instructors at Masonicare and Gaylord, students will get hands-on experience to prepare them to be a CNA.

“It's a great program and hopefully it creates a lot of opportunity for folks in the area,” Dooling said.

If the healthcare training program goes well, the center will look into creating a training program for job seekers interested in the hospitality field.

For those who take advantage of it, this program can be a path to employment. HUBCAP and its partners should be applauded for their efforts.