EDITORIAL: Program offers students in Southington a look at the future

EDITORIAL: Program offers students in Southington a look at the future

It may be difficult for some older folks to remember, but it’s not often easy for young people to make the connection between what they’re supposed to be learning at school and what it is they will be doing out in the real world. There are times when one doesn’t seem to have much to do with the other.

So programs like Training for Tomorrow, in Southington, were well worth the effort, and it was a shame when the program ended a few years ago.

Now it looks as though the program will be coming back. Members of the Southington Chamber of Commerce have been meeting with school officials to get the details sorted, but the return of job shadowing and internships appears to be on the horizon.

“We put a couple hundred kids through it,” Charlie Cocuzza told the Record-Journal recently. “It really does help them understand what they want to be in life.”

That’s the essential point, giving young people the chance to discover what they might want to devote their lives to — it may sound easy, but it’s not, at least not always.

Cocuzza is owner of Omega Solutions, an IT company, and says hundreds of chamber members can offer the opportunity for young students to learn about the working world. He hired a Southington High School student who worked at his company before attending college.

Though there may be changes, the idea of hooking up students with a company, whether for a day or weeks, will remain, said Barbara Hekeler, executive director of the chamber. Since it’s never too early for students to start learning the skill sets that will serve them well in the world of tomorrow, this is a program worth supporting. 

“It fits beautifully in with the vision of a graduate and 21st century skills,” said Frank Pepe, Southington High principal. “Being able to give kids that first-hand experience is irreplaceable.”

So, let’s get on with it, once again.