LETTERS: Wallingford Democrats on hate crime, Meriden City Council race

LETTERS: Wallingford Democrats on hate crime, Meriden City Council race

We stand with you


On behalf of the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee (DTC) we would like to express our sincerest condolences to the communities of Gilroy, CA, El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, who each experienced devastating acts of mass gun violence within the last month. Beyond these exceptional acts of violence, we mourn and honor the 100 people lost to gun violence across America each and every day. 

In particular, in response to the hate-crime shooting by an admitted white supremacist in El Paso, we’d like to say this to the immigrant community of Wallingford: We stand with you, we stand for you, and we will work to ensure you always feel safe, welcomed, and protected in Wallingford. The fear you must feel in the face of this heinous act is something most of us will never understand. The conversations you were likely forced to have with your children because of this act of hate-fueled violence should’ve never had to have happened. 

As Senator Chris Murphy said, it will take more than words of sympathy and concern to stem the epidemic of gun violence and hate. We can all do this by supporting our state and federal legislators who make creating good policy to stop these atrocities a priority. As a town committee, and ideally as an entire community, we will continue to support smart legislation in Connecticut and beyond. We will continue to pressure the federal government to pass common-sense legislation that will keep our friends and families safe, and we will eternally denounce hate-speech and dangerous, racist rhetoric wherever it rears its unwelcome, ugly head. 

Robin Hettrick, Wallingford

The writer chairs the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee.

Why not Mike?


People have asked, "Why are you running for City Council?"

The reasons are many but the main reason is this. The referendum was a huge success for the taxpayers in which 5,999 people came out and voted down a budget with a 4+ percent increase. But what happened was the Council dropped it down a percent but overspent it by 4 more percent. 

Now this year, two months into the fiscal year, we are over our bond cap already, spending the Eversource money in an attempt to hide the tax increase that now looms over next year, and — poof! — what do you know? We found 1.5 million dollars left over from last year and certain members of the Council wants to spend it immediately before even verifying its existence.

Does this make sense? Does this sound like a Council with the best interests of its taxpayers in mind? Not to me. So I am running to try to help curb this type of spending, bring a business mindset to the table, and try to help the economic development of Meriden to aid in tax Decreases instead of Increases.  

I've proven I will do the work necessary. Why not vote for a change this November.  Why not Mike?

Michael Carabetta, Meriden