EDITORIAL: Meriden revaluation causing stress

Revaluation in Meriden has become a fretful process. Some homeowners are finding drastic increases in property values, launching worries that their taxes will also go up in a major way. That remains to be seen, depending on how the mill rate is set, but one comes before the other and speculating on how it all might play out can be harrowing.

There also appears to be an issue with timing, with some residents finding they’ve received not much time to schedule a slot in the informal hearings in which challenges can be brought.

Among those was City Councilor Michael Carabetta. “I wish there was a way to give residents more time to schedule an informal hearing,” he said.

The informal hearings at City Hall may be extended if demand is greater than available appointments, reported the Record-Journal. Considering the unease, it’s important that homeowners be allowed to make their case, and extending hearings would be a good idea.

Municipal Valuation Services, the outfit hired to perform Meriden’s revaluations, has reported that an analysis shows residential property sales increased from 21% to 34% from Oct. 1, 2020, to Oct. 1, 2021. The Record-Journal talked to a South Meriden resident who said his property’s value had doubled since five years ago, when the revaluation was last made. As he observed, the mill rate would have to be cut in half to cover his assessed value.

Obviously, that’s a concern. Other residents have taken to social media to highlight worries.

City Councilor Michael Rohde took a reassuring point of view, noting that the process “has to play out.”

“We have to get the budget and determine the mill rate,” he said. “The  major concern is the taxes will go up and will be commensurate with how the value of the houses go up and that’s just not the case.”

In the meantime, the city can work to make reasonably sure residents with concerns have the opportunity to get a hearing. After that, it will take patience to see how it all works out.

As of Thursday, there were still appointments available. February 1 and 2 are the last two days: https://www.appointmentquest.com/scheduler/2180070837. Residents can book those appointments online or call 203-292-5500.


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