EDITORIAL: Homebuyers need all the clarity they can get

Any business transaction goes better if the parties involved speak the same language.

A real estate agent with Calcagni Real Estate in Wallingford recognized this simple, yet challenging fact and as a recent Record-Journal story by Karla Santos detailed she took action to make sure her Spanish-speaking clients get the help they need when buying property.

Joan Luna Zayas has close ties to Puerto Rico, her parents were born there. She’s also a 20-year veteran in home sales and knows this purchase is a big deal for the individuals involved. Trying to navigate the ins and outs in a language that’s not one’s native language makes the process even harder. Riskier, too.  

To make life easier for potential homebuyers — and to ensure that they have a good understanding of the process — Luna Zayas has assembled a list of Spanish speaking professionals who she can refer her Spanish speaking clients to for assistance every step of the way, according to the recent story. 

Luna Zayas offers a mortgage person who speaks Spanish, an attorney who can do a closing in Spanish, plus the attorney’s paralegal is Hispanic. In addition, she knows a team of Latino inspectors who can handle that piece of the process.

The Latino and Hispanic demographic is one of the fastest growing populations in America this decade. According to the most recent American Community Survey, there are now some 6.3 million more Hispanics living in America than in 2010, an almost 15% increase. In Wallingford, and also Meriden, almost 30 percent of the population identifies as Hispanic or Latino.

It’s no longer unusual to have a business, or at least its phone message, offer some services in Spanish. But Luna Zayas has taken the practice a step further with a full-service, full Spanish language approach to the home buying experience.

Understanding the fine print and every other aspect of a complex transaction is difficult, but critical to a good outcome. Removing the language barrier is the right place to start.

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