EDITORIAL: After a tough COVID year, wedding industry is on the rebound

It’s hardly surprising that one of the industries hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic has been the wedding industry. Weddings, after all, are most special occasions where virus precautions like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing don’t mix very well.

However, even as the virus is showing signs of not going away, at least not to extent that had been hoped, the wedding industry appears to be making a comeback. Statistics from My Wedding Report indicate an expected 2.47 million weddings in 2022, the most since 1984, after a dismal 2020 when there were just 1.27 million.

Plenty of local businesses are poised to take advantage of the rebound. After half of her weddings were postponed or canceled in 2020, Lauren Simpson told the Record-Journal she is twice as busy this year from rescheduled weddings. One caveat is that the weddings are smaller affairs. “I used to do the bride and maybe 10 to 15 bridesmaids,” said Simpson, a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist. “Now I may just be doing the bride or possibly one or two bridesmaids.

Because the virus is still with us, precautions remain essential. Ameilia Mirabello, a makeup artist and photographer, told the R-J she’s taken courses on keeping a healthy workplace. “It’s been a scary time for me because my profession is touching people’s face,” she said. “My main focus is protecting myself and my clients. Safety must come  first.”

Since the Aqua Turf in Southington reopened in May, weddings have been a weekend staple. There's hope the popular venue eventually can reach pre-pandemic levels when up to a dozen weddings would take place over a weekend.

Weddings are among life’s most special occasions. That they are rebounding after facing a devastating decline on account of the pandemic is a reason for optimism, whether you have a personal interest in what’s going on or not. That weddings are back is good for business, but it’s also just good in general.


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