CANDIDATE OPINION: An alternative in Connecticut’s 16th Senate District

By Chris Robertson

My name is Chris Robertson, running for the 16th Senate District. My last commentary was to introduce myself to the voters. I have been making phone calls and knocking on doors speaking to the residents of the 16th district. The overwhelming response has been positive as I listen to the voter concerns. There has been much to digest from my discussions. The number one concern is that the district is not being represented properly. It seems the current senator has his own agenda to appease the fringe groups he has been associated with. The voters have had enough.

They want someone who will listen and act for their best interest in our district. Far too often our current senator is more concerned with far right extreme issues in the country and across our state, not representing the district. It appears his number one goal is to be the leader of the CPAC conservatives at the expense of the 16th Senate District. To that end, I would like to tell you about my platform and what I plan to do in Hartford. You may disagree with some of the items on my platform, I am here to listen and have a civil discussion on ways to make life better for each of us.

I will work hard to protect women’s rights such as equal pay, paid sick leave, reproductive rights, women and housing, land and property, domestic violence, and the continued effects of COVID-19 on the community.

As a former volunteer firefighter and fire commissioner, I understand the need for public safety and will continue to support both police and fire personnel across the 16th district. Education is what thrives in our district and I will support the teachers, paraprofessionals, and students. I know firsthand how difficult their jobs can be, while at the same time very rewarding.  I learned early on in my adult life as a member of the Sewer and Roads Commission that our infrastructure must be a priority to enhance our communities. This is something that I will fight for in the district and financial assistance is needed from the state to keep property taxes from sky rocketing.

Health care is extremely important so everyone has a quality of life. I have seen my opponent be the only no vote out of 36 senators on health insurance coverage for newborns, expanding preschool and mental and behavioral services for children, the provision of developmental services and mental and behavioral health services.

As a senator, he can vote yes or no on anything, but when you are not properly representing the district he needs to be held to account for his no votes.

The one that infuriates me the most is when it comes to pro-life, which he is, and that is his prerogative. I question how he can be pro-life and at the same time be the only no vote out of 36 Republican and Democrat senators for health insurance coverage for newborns. This defies reasoning.

My opponent says I am taking his no votes out of context. He was the only senator to vote know on the Juneteenth Holiday. I researched and listened to his comments in the senate, on the news, and in the newspapers. His reasoning is flawed. He has been in office too long and believes he is representing the district, when he is representing himself.

There are many other votes I disagree with my opponent on including his no votes on the fair rent commission, which will protect our senior citizens from having to leave their homes because landlords increase the rent unfairly.

In speaking with the voters and attending meetings have been humbled by the experience. I will bring what I have learned during my life experiences from working at my grandfather’s produce company, S. Casertano in Waterbury, at Wagner College, my work and raising my family to make the 16th district well represented.

In the 16th Senate District, when I am your state senator, all the constituents no matter race, gender, age, political affiliation, religion, will be represented and not forgotten. Let me end with this.

Your vote, your choice.

I hope to have your vote on election day, November 8th.

Democrat Chris Robertson has been a resident of Cheshire and Southington his entire life. He is a candidate for the 16th Senate District. For more information, please see


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