CANDIDATE OPINION: Historic trends

By Lou Arata

Republicans just flipped the 2nd largest Hispanic majority district (84%) in the country, Texas’ 34th Congressional District in the Rio Grande Valley. A Republican hasn’t held the seat since 1870.

This victory tells you everything you need to know about the direction the country is taking. The country is rejecting the liberal socialist ideology coming from Washington D.C., and cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago. The Democrat party is out of touch with what their constituents want and offers no signs of changing direction.

According to the latest Reuters – Ipsos poll of June 13 and 14, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit an historic all-time low at 39%. The Morning Consult poll published last Wednesday found 58% of Americans disapproving of his job performance.

By overwhelming majorities on key metrics, the Republican message of smaller government, lower taxes and protection of personal freedoms is bringing new vibrancy to the direction this country will be taking after the 2022 elections. Gov. Ned Lamont wants to raise the tax on diesel truck fuel here in Connecticut, thereby increasing the cost of everything that gets transported here. This feeds the inflationary cycle and is classic poor leadership.

Connecticut cannot continue to keep electing Democrats who follow in lock-step with their Washington counterparts. Democrat policies of defunding police, open borders and ever-growing government with unproductive regulations, mandates and increases to taxes, in my view, should be rejected and are strongly un-American. Most folks at some point in their lives could use a hand. We need to stop the handouts and go back to offering a hand up. Helping our fellow citizens to help themselves is the American way.

What happened in Texas is what we will be witnessing across the country. Liberty is worth fighting for and finally most Americans are believing. Our Founding Documents are the greatest gift of freedom man has offered to human kind. Nowhere else in the world is the promise of opportunity and personal growth through hard work better and nowhere is the trumpet of personal freedom louder. That is why so many, from all corners of the earth seek to come and live here.

I will work for you and put you first, not the government. I believe in common sense priorities for safe neighborhoods, supporting law enforcement, helping the needy and a leaner more efficient government that stays out of the decisions parents need to be making for their families.

Republican Lou Arata is seeking election to represent the 83rd House District.


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