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OPINION: Knowing how to work with others

OPINION: Knowing how to work with others

By Nicole Tomassetti

Record Journal readers, I write to respectfully request your support at the polls this Election Day, November 5th. My name is Nicole Tomassetti, and I am a Democratic endorsed candidate for Meriden’s City Council seat representing Area Two. I was born and raised in Meriden, and it has been both humbling and an honor to speak with Meriden voters and ask them for their vote this election season.

I have spoken with residents both in Area Two and throughout the city, and I promise I am listening. I understand that people want to continue to make Meriden a safe, affordable place to live, work, and play, and I believe Meriden Democrats are the best candidates to continue that momentum.

If elected as a city councilor, I promise that I will work hard to continue the good work of our council, including:

■Supporting our Board of Education and public school system. I firmly believe that young people are the foundation of Meriden’s future. We must continue to invest in our schools and our educational programs, and I promise to fight for funding that continues to improve our education system.■Restoring the Neighborhood Initiative Unit to the North End. Meriden’s Neighborhood Initiative officers keep our streets safe and foster positive community-police relations by allowing officers to build relationships and trust with residents. I will work with council members to find ways to restore these units in the city, as well as improve transparency and communication between the MPD and Meriden residents.■Continuing Meriden’s economic growth. I understand that economic development is essential for growing our grand list and relieving the tax burden on our residents, and I will work with our council and Economic Development Director to recruit new businesses and companies to Meriden. As a young professional, I will also work to find new ways to bring young people and their families into our city. Meriden is ideally situated between both New Haven and Hartford, and I want to harness the advantages of our location to make Meriden a marketable place for our young people to stay, as well as bring new families in.■Listening to constituents and insuring a transparent budget process. While I believe that Meriden has a lot of services that other towns with perhaps lower taxes do not offer, I do understand that we need to find ways to minimize the tax burden on Meriden families. As a city councilor, I promise to be as transparent as possible about my role in the budget process, as well as remain active, engaged, and accessible in Area Two so that I can best understand what it is that my constituents want in a budget. I believe listening to and acting on the wishes of one’s constituents is what being a city councilor is all about, and I promise to always put Meriden residents first when making budgetary decisions.

Finally, I believe the education I received while pursuing my master’s degree in public policy allows me to bring a unique but much needed perspective to the Meriden City Council. I have the training to evaluate policy costs and outcomes, as well as the skills necessary to interpret municipal budgets and understand the public budget process. Additionally, my degree’s background in public administration has equipped me with the people and administrative skills necessary for being an effective elected official. I understand conflict resolution and I know how to work with others to achieve a common goal.

My family has been a part of the Meriden community for over 100 years, and I am grateful for the support we have received — as a small business, and as a family — from the Meriden community. I see a position on the city council as a way to use my unique skills and training to give back to a city that I love so much. Therefore, I humbly and respectfully ask you to vote for me, Nicole Tomassetti, and the rest of the Meriden Democratic ticket this November. Thank you.

Nicole Tomassetti is a Democrat seeking election the Meriden City Council, representing Area 2.