CANDIDATE OPINION: Bring common sense legislation back to Connecticut

By Lou Arata

Remember when the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, claimed during her press briefing that it would be “unfair and absurd” for companies to raise costs on consumers in response to the Biden administration raising the corporate tax rate?

That’s how they think. Forbes noted after the Psaki comments that it was “important to remember that corporate taxes must be paid by people,” and, “Any corporate tax increase will be paid by either shareholders/owners, employees in the form of lower wages, or customers in the form of higher prices.”

I suppose everyone who would be considered middle class knew that, except Press Secretary Psaki.

Higher prices are hitting every family and the cuts being made to the family budget are real. You’re feeling the loss of your purchasing power because of inflation, far more than those at the top. What can be done to provide real monetary relief to the middle class and those living on fixed incomes?

For one, I support stopping the money giveaways. This is a Democrat red herring, plain and simple, attempting to buy votes. This giveaway sweepstakes we’ve all been witness to is unsustainable. Unless, of course, you continue to print trillions upon trillions of dollars, out of thin air, increasing our super ballooned national debt. But that just feeds the inflation inferno even more, making the dollars you do have to spend buy less. Either way, you’re on the losing end.

Jobs and people working actually creates wealth and builds to stabilize the economy, both regionally and nationally, not unexpected “free” checks incentivizing sloth.

Secondly, I would propose to lower taxes here in Connecticut on individuals and businesses. State coffers are bulging due to the increase in tax revenue resulting from those inflated prices you’re paying. Fall is approaching and we’ve witnessed a more than doubling of the price of basic dietary staples and we all can attest to the rising prices of energy. And don't forget that the truck tax will hit in January, which will be sure to drive up the costs of groceries and gasoline even more because shippers will pass those costs onto the retailers who will pass it on to their customers. Republicans have continually called for that tax to be repealed but Democrats have refused.

Mandates and taxes on our small businesses put forward by the Democrat elite in Hartford will only add to present costs. Do we want more of the same?

Third, it is my belief that the last thing you need to worry about while you and your family are trying to figure out how you’re going to make ends meet is to be constantly stressing about the safety of yourself, your family and loved ones and your property.

I fully support law enforcement and their efforts to provide safety for the pubic that they serve. The Police Accountability Act has taken away many of the tools police need to do their job, not just the qualified immunity provision. Criminals taken into custody, many with multiple prior arrests, are quickly released back out onto the street only to repeat their law-breaking activities. This hamster-in-the-wheel process makes the public less safe and is a stupefying waste of tax payer money. We are, in essence paying our police forces to essentially not be able to do their job. I will support improved legislation reversing this brutal trend.

An atmosphere of lawlessness cannot be tolerated. People shouldn't have to worry about filling their tanks with $4 a gallon gasoline while also looking over their shoulder to make sure a repeat offender, who has been let out on bond after his 12th arrest, isn't stealing their car. 

It’s a clear choice. A Democrat will increase the size and cost of government.

During the height of $5/gallon gasoline, the Democrat controlled House voted 95-53 to give legislators a 43% pay raise.

It’s in the Democrats DNA to raise taxes. Lou Arata will fight to bring down costs, trim the size, scope, and cost of government and look to root out corruption.

I am running for state representative, 83rd District (Meriden, Cheshire & Berlin) and I ask you for your vote and your support, to bring common sense legislation back to all the citizens of Connecticut.

Lou Arata is the Republican candidate for the 83rd District seat and is vice chairman of the Meriden Public Utilities Commission and the Meriden Republican Town Committee. 


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