OPINION: Candidate Spotlight: A vested interest in Wallingford education

By Marla Prete Roscoe

I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Marla Roscoe and, I must admit, I have never written to a newspaper, and I have never run for office before. However, here in 2021, during a pandemic, I find myself doing both. 

As a mom of two young boys (3 and 5) who are entering the Wallingford educational system, there is no better time for me to throw my hat into this ring. After all, I have a vested interest in their getting the best education possible, and my instinctive efforts for them can only serve to provide the best for all of Wallingford’s students.  As a doctor of physical therapy and a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, I am passionate about our students having a well-rounded education. It is imperative that young adults are ready to confidently and effectively acclimate into society, and most importantly our work force.

One of the most common topics I have been asked about while talking to people visiting countless doors throughout Wallingford, is one high school or two. In my heart, I love the comfort and idea of two high schools. However, I look forward to having the opportunity to open-mindedly assess the proposals and data as to which option best will serve our community and our students while also being fiscally responsible.

I must admit that while I do not have all the answers (being new to this politics thing) I promise to actively listen, and make informed decisions that have our children’s best educational interests and growth at their core. 

There are many questions still to be answered, and I look forward to being at the table to ask those questions and hear those answers. 

Yes, earlier this summer my name may have been new to you, but I have been working diligently to demonstrate who I am and my commitment to our community and our students. To that end, I urge readers to check out my Facebook page (Marla Roscoe for Board of Ed) and follow me along the rest of the campaign trail. I trust that you will be confidently convinced that I will make a great addition to the Board of Education.

A happy, healthy, safe (and hopefully successful) Election Day to all.

Republican Marla Prete Roscoe is seeking election to the Wallingford school board.

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