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Town’s greatest asset: the people

Town’s greatest asset: the people

By Christina Tatta

My name is Christina Tatta, and I am excited to be running in my first election for the Wallingford Town Council. I love living in Wallingford, as we enjoy a small-town New England feel in what is actually quite a large town. Wallingford is a safe town, with a good school system, reasonable taxes, and reliable and inexpensive utilities. What makes all of these things possible is, what I consider to be Wallingford’s greatest asset: the people.

My family moved to Wallingford when I was a freshman at Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden. I quickly began to enjoy the qualities of Wallingford: the center of town with its shops and restaurants, the easy access to major highways (which would become even more important to me a few years later when I began commuting daily to Saint Joseph College in West Hartford), and the beauty of the rural area of my home (close to the now popular and picturesque vineyards).

But what really impressed me about Wallingford was the genuine warmth of the people. I felt like part of a community, from the people who let me pet their dogs while walking uptown (I’m an animal lover!), by a friendly wave from the police officer at the wishing well, or from watching government meetings (yes, I do that!) and seeing just how many people cared enough for this town to volunteer their time to serve on boards and commissions.

A part of this feeling of community came from attending church. I met my husband, Joe Tatta, at Church of the Resurrection, where he has worked since he was 16 years old. Joe has lived in Wallingford most of his life, attending Wallingford public schools and graduating from Sheehan in 1997. I am a lector at the Church of the Resurrection, and also a member of its bell choir. The religious communities in Wallingford are such a vital and active part of our town.

Always having a love for politics and government, I started to attend town meetings. I was asked to help out with various groups and local political campaigns. I was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals, first as an alternate, then as a full member, and then unanimously elected by my fellow commissioners as secretary.  I look at my record on the ZBA as a strong balance of understanding and accommodating both the applicants’ hardships and the regulations of the Town. This is a quality that is most important for a Town Councilor: the ability to compassionately listen to and understand all sides of an issue.

I also served on the Charter Revision Commission from March 2016 to November 2017 and was honored to be unanimously elected by its members as the Vice Chair. I took this appointment very seriously, as we were reviewing and editing the foundational document of our town. Changing anything would have serious and long-lasting implications. This required rigorous studying of the document, related information, historical data, and attention to listening to diverse opinions. I am proud of the respectful way we collaborated on this endeavor, as we were able to create a final product that was overwhelmingly approved by the voters on the 2017 ballot.

My desire to be a Wallingford Town Councilor stems from my affection for our town and the people who make it thrive. I want to do my part to maintain a municipal government that provides excellent services to its residents, that understands that we must keep taxes reasonable and affordable for everyone in the community, that provides a successful school system, and, most of all, continues to operate with common sense and integrity. The Town of Wallingford has been a kind and welcoming place to those who wish to make their lives here. I have seen that firsthand, and I would like to be a member of the Town Council that works to keep it that way.

You can learn more about me at my website,