OPINION: Suzio was an effective state senator

OPINION: Suzio was an effective state senator

By Sean McDonald

What is it about Len Suzio that is scaring Millie Torres- Ferguson so early in the race? (R-J, 4/22). How is running more than once a bad thing, especially in a city run by Democrats? Torres-Ferguson's criticisms about Senator Suzio's record are outrageous and stunning, bordering on slander. They are a complete contradiction of Suzio's long-established public service record. Torres-Ferguson's comments about Len being anti-woman are blasphemous and completely contradict Suzio's long history of supporting women.

Maybe Torres-Ferguson doesn't know that for more than 13 years, Len and his wife, have provided the comforts of their own home to financially struggling pregnant women. 

I don't know another public official who has willingly shared their own home with women facing this type of struggle. I know that for more than 40 years; Len and his wife have shown their support to pregnant women through countless hours of volunteer work and donations during and after their pregnancies. Even today, they maintain friendships with many of these women. How in the world can Torres-Ferguson characterize Suzio as anti-woman? Is it because he is Pro-Life?

Torres-Ferguson accuses Suzio of being anti-education. How can she make that charge considering Suzio's 14 years of unpaid service on the Meriden Board of Education? How can she make that accusation when she knows that Len voted for the $220 million of state funding for the renovation of Meriden's high schools? How can she make that charge when Suzio voluntarily served on the board of High Hopes, a residential facility for children with cognitive, physical, behavioral, psychological or sensory disabilities, for more than 30 years?

Torres-Ferguson also describes Len's tenure in the state senate as "ineffective". As state senator, Suzio led the fight to cap gas taxes in Connecticut. As vice-chair of the Transportation Committee, he also led the fight to stop tolls in Connecticut. As state senator, Suzio sponsored many bills that were passed into law (including the record $220 million funding for Meriden's high schools as mentioned above). As state senator, Suzio exposed the inaccurate electricity bills sent out by Connecticut utility companies and successfully fought to get thousands of Connecticut families millions of dollars of refunds for overcharged accounts.

We would be fortunate to have a highly effective state Senator like Len Suzio elected to serve Meriden and the state of Connecticut again.

Sean McDonald is chairman of the Meriden Republican Town Committee.

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