OPINION: Say it ain’t so, Joe: The many complaints against Biden

By Jim Seichter

Although I voted for Tulsi Gabbard rather than the narcissist, former President Donald Trump, or President Joe Biden, who has since morphed into the Democratic Party’s useful fool, many Republicans like me were initially optimistic Biden would unite the country after four contentious and politically disruptive years of Trump’s administration, and would provide insightful and transparent leadership in order to address the many challenges facing our country. However, to date, that optimism has turned to deep disappointment.

Biden began 2022 implying individuals concerned with provisions in his proposed voting rights legislation were racist/segregationist and revived his inflammatory Jim Crow 2.0 comments. He subsequently referred to Trump supporters as the most extreme organization existing in recent American history. In his “Soul of the Nation” speech he inferred the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump were threats to democracy and followed that with several speeches prior to the mid-term elections further demonizing Republicans.

Biden continuing this divisive tone into 2023 will only result in individuals, in and outside the media, even in our Town, continuing to howl into the night Republicans are threats to democracy, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-immigrant. The stereotyping of Republicans serves no purpose other than to further divide our country and deflect attention from the many challenges facing it. In general Republicans, like Democrats, have varied backgrounds, diverse experiences and a wide range of opinions on issues facing our country and their solutions and do not neatly fit into the box many on the left would like to fit us into.

Suggesting our borders should be secured prior to comprehensive immigration reform, which compassionately addresses those in the United States illegally and develops a system where asylum requests are reviewed in an expeditious manner, results in some inferring you are only concerned with the “browning of America.”

As for me, I met and married my first wife (since deceased) during the three years I was with the Peace Corps in the Philippines. A good portion of that time was spent in its southern provinces which have a large Muslim population, enjoying the hospitality and friendship of many of the Muslim faith. I admire and greatly respect my brother, who served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division, and his partner who are gay.

Despite a January 2023 poll indicating 71% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, Biden suggested his policies are working despite near record inflation, declining stock market, increased energy prices, continuing issues at the Southern border, resulting in the Border Patrol during FY2022 encountering more than 2.4 million individuals illegally crossing the border and an estimated 599,000 so called got-aways, individuals illegally crossing the border going undetected by the Border Patrol, versus 389,155 during FY2021, drug cartels appearing to have a greater control of the Southern border than our Border Patrol, resulting in a dramatic increase in fentanyl flowing across the border causing a significant increase in fatal drug overdoses and human trafficking, the perception of rising crime, inconsistent messaging concerning COVID, baby food shortage and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which emboldened our adversaries.

Instead of revisiting policies that have had a detrimental impact on our country, Biden continues to attempt to deflect blame to others. Rather than accepting some responsibility for the increase in energy prices and inflation and reconsidering his energy policies, Biden suggests Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is to blame despite Federal Reserve Board Chairperson Jerome Powell testifying before Congress inflation was high before the war in Ukraine broke out.

Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has suggested the decline in student test scores was the result of Trump’s policies. However, Trump provided the first $67 billion of the $192 billion COVID relief funds for schools (the majority which is unspent), supported parents and advocated for in-person learning. While in February 2021, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated schools could be reopened safely without teachers being vaccinated, Biden dismissed her opinion and instead relied upon suggestions from Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers with respect to the opening of schools.

Biden so far has refused to acknowledge or assume any responsibility for his apparent history of recklessly handling classified documents some of which were found in multiple unsecured locations. He has indicated he had no regrets for the apparent lack of transparency his administration displayed when the documents were initially discovered.

While Biden simply tweeted his “administration will continue to do everything possible to stop criminal smugglers from exploiting migrants” after 53 immigrants died in the back of a truck while being trafficked into the United States, he quickly convened a meeting of cabinet members to discuss the supposed crisis when 50 immigrants were flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

After almost two years of ignoring the negative impacts his border policies were having on border communities, Biden made a feeble attempt to assess the ongoing border crisis by making a highly choreographed visit to the Southern border. Some may suggest the motivation for the visit was due to criticism he was facing from Democrat mayors whose cities are now experiencing those same impacts of his failed border polices. Unfortunately, during Biden’s visit he failed to meet with the Border Patrol agents he, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, disparaged by falsely claiming in September 2021 they strapped individuals illegally crossing the Southern border. Perhaps in order to avoid uncomfortable criticism for the border crisis he created, Biden refused the request of Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales, who represents parts of El Paso and other border communities, to accompany him on his visit to the border and only invited several Congressional Democrats.

Both Vice President Kamala Harris and Mayorkas continue in their attempt to gaslight the American public by suggesting the Southern border is secure despite FBI Director Christopher Wray testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee the Southern border was a “significant security issue.”

The greatest threat our democracy is facing is the widening of the political divide within our country that Trump initially created and which the Biden administration has perpetuated, as a house divided will not stand.

In his Holiday Address, Biden stated “I sincerely hope this holiday season will drain the poison that has infected our politics and set us against each other. I hope this Christmas seasons marks a fresh start for our nation ....” Hopefully, Biden was sincere when making those remarks and will do some self-reflection and focus on uniting our country rather than continuing to be like some in both political parties who are more focused on dividing us rather than uniting us. Unfortunately, I do not think Biden grasps that, recently inferring Republicans are “fiscally demented” is the correct path for a president to take when attempting to unite our country, just saying. Maligayang bagong Taon (Tagalog for Happy New Year.)

Jim Seichter is a Wallingford resident.


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