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LETTERS: A Wallingford electric bill, the rights of others



I’m tired of hearing about the rights of illegal aliens who have no right to be here. I’m tired of hearing about the rights of prisoners who are incarcerated because they violated the rights of others. I’m tired of hearing about the rights of welfare recipients who never contributed to society yet expect society to take care of them. I’m tired of the rights of politicians to receive retirement from an elected position and better health care and pay then the average taxpayer.

I’m tired of my tax dollars going to other countries when they should take care of themselves.I’m tired of America playing the world’s policeman and wasting the lives of American youths and tax dollars with no benefit to America.

Now I have questions.

When did I and tens of millions of taxpayers lose the right to keep the money we earn? When did I and tens of millions of taxpayers lose the right to better ourselves and our families financially and materially?


America was built on the American dream of building a better and more comfortable life for ourselves and our families through hard work, when did that change? Maybe when people who were too lazy to work for themselves started electing politicians who would steal from the working taxpayers under the guise of taxes and give it to themselves and the lazy? I read that one major sign of the death of a great nation/civilization was when people started voting themselves money. I think we’re there.

Jim Neilson, Cheshire

Electric bill


Well, I just received my Wallingford electric bill. I am pleased to say that It was less than $80. It was also less than $80 dollars last time and the time before. So why are my friends and family (who do not live in Wallingford) being charged an extra $85 per month?

I remember that just a few years ago there was no power in the surrounding towns during the winter but there was plenty of electricity in Wallingford. There was not even a minor disruption in our electricity. I do not understand the difference in service and cost. Except that no one in the Wallingford Electric Company is getting paid millions of dollars a year.

Juan Matos, Wallingford


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