LETTERS: Lamont failed in answering question about Taylor and police officers

LETTERS: Lamont failed in answering question about Taylor and police officers

Lamont failed miserably


At his 9/24/20 press briefing (video at https://portal.ct.gov/Office-of-the-Governor/News/Press-Releases/2020/09-2020/Governor-Lamont-Coronavirus-Update-September-24, 35 minutes in), Gov. Lamont was asked to comment on “the situation in Louisville, Breonna Taylor and the subsequent shooting of the police officers.” 

The governor replied, “I would just say the tragedy is an innocent young girl whose future was ahead of her died absolutely needlessly. The fog of war, I’m not going to get into exactly what happened and didn’t happen. But it’s a reminder of the violence that’s out there, the guns that are out there, and the necessity of protecting the Breonna Taylors of this world. And I take that seriously every day.”

I am absolutely appalled. “What happened and didn’t happen”? There’s no doubt or ambiguity. Not one single word from our governor condemning the FACT that two Louisville police officers were shot during “protests” in that city on Wednesday, 9/23/20? According to the Louisville Courier-Journal (9/24/20), a 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree assault of a police officer and “14 counts of wanton endangerment — ‘all directed against police officers.’"

After rightly acknowledging the tragedy of Ms. Taylor’s death (even if he did not want to address the detail that, but for her boyfriend shooting first at officers, that tragedy might never have happened), Gov. Lamont could have — SHOULD have — said something like, “No amount of grief or anger EVER justifies attacking a police officer. It will not be tolerated in Connecticut. The protection and safety of everyone, including our police officers, is something that I take seriously every day.”

Gov. Lamont had an opportunity, in his answer, to express support for all police officers who serve honorably, diligently and professionally, and who put their lives on the line every day for the rest of us. He failed miserably.

Patricia J. Kohl, Wallingford

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