POLITICAL LETTERS: Support for Poulos in Southington, Liu in Wallingford

POLITICAL LETTERS: Support for Poulos in Southington, Liu in Wallingford

Poulos for Southington


I support Chris Poulos for Southington Town Council. Chris understands what is best in public education and has worked directly with Southington teachers to improve outcomes for students. As a councilor, Chris has empowered Southington teachers to write grants to fund their professional development. Beneficiaries of these grants have learned and shared best practices that inspire students and help them succeed.

Chris has promoted a third way to fund important education initiatives, without placing a financial burden on our town budget. He has been very thoughtful and fiscally savvy, and I fully support his re-election to the Southington Town Council.

Kim Padroff, Southington 

Is ‘good’ good enough?


I can only guess as to the “serious accusations” Ms. Seichter is alluding to in her letter on 10/2, however, everything I have seen from the Liu campaign is very thoughtful, transparent and positive. Being in a town leadership position for 36 years does lead to complacency. Where “good” is good enough. Wallingford deserves to be great! We need new ideas, new technology, new vibrancy, new ways to attract businesses and young families. I love living in Wallingford but wanting to be better is not a negative thing, it’s something everyone in this town should aspire to.

Sandy Storck, Wallingford

Time for Liu


34 years ago, Mayor Dickenson may have been what Wallingford needed, but today we need to look to our future. He sold our power plant; we have crumbling infrastructure in our schools, in our town buildings, and our roads; we lack basic technology that can attract good businesses – this is not the sign of a town that is shining on. Wallingford is fading. If we want to have a thriving future, we have to make those investments now. It is time for something new. It is time for Jared Liu.

Alida Cella, Wallingford

No growth 


We are standing in a time in Middlefield/Rockfall where no Economic Development is being accomplished. There has not been an Economic Development Commission in a few years. Other Towns are experiencing growth. Middlefield's economic growth is by accident and randomly doesn't really get anything done.

Please vote for Kindra Liptak and Carol Bufithis on November 5th to get Middlefield/Rockfall on the right economic track again.

Richard L. Golub