Thankful for the help


I am writing to express my gratitude to the following organizations working to administer the COVID vaccine to the citizens of Meriden and the State of Connecticut at large. Of course, it begins at the top with Governor Lamont and the Department of Health, but my personal thanks goes specifically to the staff at the Meriden Health Department and the Meriden Senior Center. 

The Meriden Health Department made the ability to book the appointment quick and easy. The Meriden Senior Center personnel made receiving the vaccine simple and anxiety free. They were organized, friendly, and eager to help. The kindness and professionalism at both agencies made the stress of getting the vaccine turn in to a pleasant experience. 

Linda M. Wood, Meriden

Covid shots needed


Congratulations to Lauren Takores for her important story about the way Wallingford long-term medical facilities handle the necessity for COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees. 

It is heartening to see that Masonicare has mandated vaccinations for all its employees — although waiting until the end of June to fully enforce the mandate seems dilatory. 

I have two brothers in long-term facilities in Massachusetts, one in a rest home and another at a home for those with cognitive impairments. I also have two friends in a Meriden long-term rehabilitation and nursing home. 

From all three places, I receive updates on whether or not the facilities are COVID-19 free, and the current regulations about visits. These places are careful and watchful. In all three facilities, there have been cases of the virus. All three are COVID-19-free today. 

Having ALL employees of such facilities — full- and part-time — vaccinated seems to me to be a necessity, and a moral and ethical requirement. The great die-off of patients in many such facilities last spring proved how crucial this is. 

Right now, workers in one large corporate long-term care company in Connecticut are contemplating a strike. Employees often work in more than one facility to make ends meet. It is their right, and the facilities’ responsibility that they get a shot. That should be a perk, and a requirement for the job.

Steve Volpini, Meriden

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