LETTERS: Sound barriers, Covid shots, Stop the giveaways   

LETTERS: Sound barriers, Covid shots, Stop the giveaways   

Sound barriers needed


In two recent articles concerning the five-year construction project to ease the flow of traffic through the intersections of highways 91, 691, 15, and 66, there was not one mention of sound barriers included in the plans! These highways rip through our city’s neighborhoods with relentless noise from traffic. Over a year ago, I attended a press conference with Gov. Malloy on Bee Street. I made sure to request that any plans that were being drawn up include sound barriers as over the years I have been told by the DOT that the only way that would happen is if there was a retrofit to an existing highway or a highway of new construction. This time, it seemed as though the public was not wanted at Gov. Lamont and Sen. Blumenthal’s press conference, most likely due to Covid restrictions. I’m grateful that the Record-Journal was able to be there! I sincerely hope that Mayor Scarpati, Mr. Coon, and the city engineer will pressure the state to include these much-needed barriers after so many years. With the incredible increase in traffic over the last 20 years on these highways, I believe that this is a serious quality-of-life issue for our residents. I hope others in town and at city hall will demand the same.

Christine Ivers, Meriden

Covid shots needed


Congratulations to Lauren Takores for her important story about the way Wallingford long-term medical facilities handle the necessity for COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees. 

It is heartening to see that Masonicare has mandated vaccinations for all its employees — although waiting until the end of June to fully enforce the mandate seems dilatory. 

I have two brothers in long-term facilities in Massachusetts, one in a rest home and another at a home for those with cognitive impairments. I also have two friends in a Meriden long-term rehabilitation and nursing home. 

From all three places, I receive updates on whether or not the facilities are COVID-19 free, and the current regulations about visits. These places are careful and watchful. In all three facilities, there have been cases of the virus. All three are COVID-19-free today. 

Having ALL employees of such facilities — full- and part-time — vaccinated seems to me to be a necessity, and a moral and ethical requirement. The great die-off of patients in many such facilities last spring proved how crucial this is. 

Right now, workers in one large corporate long-term care company in Connecticut are contemplating a strike. Employees often work in more than one facility to make ends meet. It is their right, and the facilities’ responsibility that they get a shot. That should be a perk, and a requirement for the job.

Steve Volpini, Meriden

Stop the giveaways


Took a long Siesta. I’m back.

Jan. 20th, a day I will not forget. Joe and all the metoos are going to ruin this country with their executive orders. Climate change (green deal,) income redistribution, illegal immigration, infrastructure, carbon taxes, gun confiscation, affordable housing, statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico, pack the Supreme Court.

Watch out for the charlatans who try to confuse you with propaganda. “Look what I can do for you with your money” should set off a alarm. This pits the takers against the hard working taxpayer. I don’t believe any illegal border crossers are here for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My father got in line and then became a naturalized citizen. We don’t even say the pledge of allegiance anymore.

State legislators who for tolls lost at the polls. No gas tax, no ammo tax, no property tax, please stop the spending giveaways.

I am the N.R.A. I stand for the flag, kneel for the cross. Give me liberty or give me death.

Steven C. Staszewski, Meriden

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