LETTERS: Mental health awareness month, a tank idea, on the dress code

Tank plan


Just a far out thought. We have been to the moon six times and back, landed rovers on Mars nine times, put up the James Webb telescope to see the far reaches of the universe and a sent a orbiter to take pictures of the sun. That said, you would think someone like maybe Elon Musk, together with Silicon Valley and the U.S. defense dept. would come up with a way to make a tank engine unable to run, Putin wouldn’t know what hit him. 

Frank Milano Jr., Meriden

Dress code


Of course the school dress code should be relaxed.  There simply is no downside, some loose fitting pants notwithstanding. If the clothing is too tight, baggy or torn in strategic places, as with jeans, hand-me-downs are the culprit. What else could it be?  Although the aforementioned styles have been known to make a fashionista euphoric.  Hand-me-downs or haute couture, you decide. 

Staying with schools, I believe that the physical characteristics of teachers should mirror the student body.  Case in point, I was taught by nuns who looked nothing like me, except for one. And to this day I am still struggling. Let's get on board with this diversity thing and add yet another jewel to Meriden's crown. 

Is anyone bothered by the federal government printing Biden dollars and then giving them to local politicians who in turn dispense them as if they were candy?  Apparently Meriden's elite are more adept at this practice than the leaders of neighboring towns. I think that we should refer to Scarpati, Coon, and the deliberative dozen as the PEZ syndicate.  Press the clown's head and out pops a Biden dollar.  As with the relaxed dress code, where's the harm?  Staying local, if the "Daff" is the eighth wonder of the world, as I think it is, it should be self supporting.  he festival should not require any taxpayer money. Charge the patrons a reasonable fee, if that doesn't generate enough revenue then just let it go. 

Finally, I think that we are so very lucky to have such an articulate, thoughtful, and visionary president.  Very inspirational indeed. Biden or Trump, it just makes you want to get out there and vote. 

Leo Baillargeon, Meriden



May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a volunteer and advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this month I am asking everyone to join us and demand #MoreForMentalHealth.

In addition to being a volunteer, I work in the field of mental health. I also lost my veteran father to suicide in 2009. The mental health epidemic has become disturbingly worse over the past 2 decades and we must take immediate action.

I am doing more by calling on my legislators at the federal and state levels to support legislation that will fund the implementation of 988 and the suicide and mental health crisis system across our nation, particularly for those in underserved communities.

Currently, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available at 1-800-273-8255 and de-escalates the crises of tens of thousands of callers each day. On July 16, those in distress and those that support them will be able to reach the Lifeline through a simple 3-digit number: 988. By making the Lifeline more accessible through this shorter number, calls, texts, and chats to the Lifeline's network of crisis call centers are expected to increase. It is vital that the federal government work with states to ensure callers in distress will have: 1) someone to call, 2) someone to come help, and 3) somewhere safe to go. We must act NOW to secure funding to equip call centers and community crisis response services throughout the country with the staff and resources to respond to everyone in crisis.

Join me this month in urging our federal and state public officials to do #MoreForMentalHealth. You can start by visiting moreformentalhealth.org.

Together, we can help #StopSuicide.

Heather Hitchcock, Plainville


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