LETTERS: Teacher pensions / Meriden roads in bad shape

LETTERS: Teacher pensions / Meriden roads in bad shape

They got me all wrong


Recently, I contacted one of our local representatives (state senator or representative who shall be nameless) to urge consideration of passage of a bill, stating my reasons. Today, I had a reply from the office concerning a totally different bill with a similar number — common, understandable mistake. I replied, reiterating the one in which I am interested. At that point, a bomb went off with the next reply. The person's assistant explained they think they told some teachers (who? where?) that I do not support teacher pensions! I have received one myself for 12 years, after a stellar 37-year career as a speech-language pathologist. I am also a retired local and state union leader who has always advocated for children, education and teachers. I have never expressed a view against teacher pensions.

I asked for an immediate retraction, notification of said teachers, a huge apology by letter and in the Record-Journal. My good name, character and record have been permanently damaged by an irresponsible assistant.

I want to assure Meriden's retired and active teachers, as well as the entire educational community, that I continue to support your efforts, your dedication and giving of yourselves. You deserve the pension designed to ensure a long, healthy and happy retired life.

Karen J. Ostby, Meriden

Meriden’s roads


I must say that a lot of progress is being made in the city of Meriden.  For example, we have newly renovated high schools, new train station and new housing in the downtown area. That is all well and good. Yet the roads in our city are absolutely terrible, full of  bumps and ruts, patches and potholes. I ask, what is being done with our tax dollars? It would be so nice to drive on decent roads without having to listen to our cars practically falling apart.

What a shame! Don't we, the residents of Meriden, deserve better?

Carmen Cardona, Meriden