LETTERS: Many snakes endangered

LETTERS: Many snakes endangered

Many snakes endangered


Now that it's summer, more people will be outside doing yard work, cooking out, having picnics and other outdoor activities. Going along with that theme is information regarding endangered species and one in particular — reptiles.

In the State of Connecticut the following reptiles or commonly referred to as snakes are on the Endangered List and therefore should not be killed. These are the common gartersnake, the common ribbonsnake, the eastern hog-nosed snake, the eastern milksnake, the eastern ratsnake, the eastern wormsnake, the northern black racer, the northern brownsnake, the northern redbelly snake, the northern ring-neck snake, the northern watersnake, the smooth greensnake and lastly the two most feared: the northern copperhead and the timber rattlesnake.

The great majority of the snakes on the list are harmless — that is, non-venomous. However, the last two make people cringe — the copperhead and the timber rattler.  These last two are poisonous and should be avoided, as in not attempting to pick up or kill these snakes.  Since Adam and Eve, there is a natural fear and aversion for any snakes, but snakes are liable to strike when confronted or cornered.  

For any questions regarding other endangered species, the authority to contact is the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford