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LETTERS: Freedom of the press / Trump and Russia / Cartoon in poor taste

LETTERS: Freedom of the press / Trump and Russia / Cartoon in poor taste

Freedom of the press


Thank you for your service! It’s a shame we have to stand up for “freedom of the press.” In today’s complex world we need all the real information we can get. I’m tired of the whining, fearful anger from Washington; heartsick at who is representing my nation now. Let’s celebrate our local independent paper, because sometimes the truth hurts, but we’re bigger than that – we can take it. A reader of many years,

Donna Ribera, Wallingford

Trump and Russia?


It is mind-boggling, it is jaw-dropping, it is unprecedented in the world, but apparently the United States’ chief nemesis, Russia, has been able to “place their man” in the highest office in the United States. You don’t believe it? I don’t want to, but the evidence mounts daily.

Have you ever heard our President Donald Trump say anything negative about Russia? No. Or about Russian President Vladimir Putin? No. What do the Russians “have” on Trump? I believe a lot, including financial and perhaps personal.

Why hasn’t our president taken any action whatsoever to strike back at the country that invaded us systematically through our computer systems, an invasion many lawmakers have called the worst of its kind since 9/11? Why hasn’t the president enacted the tough sanctions overwhelmingly voted on by a Republican Congress, or even mentioned them?

Why were all of the thousands of actions taken against this nation by Russian operatives before and during the last presidential campaign all aimed at hurting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and not a single one to harm the candidacy of Trump?

Trump didn’t win the presidency, Hillary lost it.

During his campaign Trump promised to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.A. Where is it?

Let’s hope Trump is a one-term President. Then we can truly make American great again.

Edward G. DeRosa, Meriden

Cartoon in poor taste


In your “Local & State” section of the Aug. 22 issue of your paper, you published a cartoon referring to the “pedophile priest” scandal. This was in very poor taste as this terrible tragedy has caused much suffering.

An apology should be made to the victims, to the good holy priests (and there are many of them), and to the faithful Catholics whose reputation has suffered because of this scandal.

Bonnie Stanio, Meriden