POLITICAL LETTERS: Candidates for office in Meriden, Wallingford and Southington

POLITICAL LETTERS: Candidates for office in Meriden, Wallingford and Southington

Political Letters

‘No’ to mediocrity


QUESTION: What is the vision for Meriden of the Republican and We The People parties? ANSWER: Mediocrity! The minority politicians offer only irresponsible nastiness, hurling rocks from the sidelines. The Democrats do the serious work of rebuilding Meriden brick by brick, driving the recovery of our city. The Republican/WTP candidates’ single strategy is negativity. They scream “no” to every initiative that would advance Meriden.

Don’t vote for those who stand in the way of a better future. Support the Democratic ticket, those who forge wise, ambitious and inspiring plans to continue moving Meriden ahead.

Jeffrey Freiser, Meriden

Vote Republican!


I am this year supporting Mayor William Dickinson, Vincent Cervoni, Tom Laffin, Christopher Shortell, Craig Fishbein, Joseph Marrone, and Christine Tatta for Town Council.  Karen Hlavac, Erin Corso, Ray Ross, Tammy Raccio, Rajan Doering, and Autumn Allinson for Board of Education. This team will provide Wallingford with good fiscal leadership and good education for all of Wallingford.

On November 5th 2019 Vote Republican and keep this town in great shining shape!

Raymond J. Rys Sr., Wallingford

Vote Democratic!


It’s no wonder people are cynical about politics. Some politicians rant and rave. I have listened carefully to the candidates in Meriden. On one side, the Republican and We The People candidates say Meriden is going to hell in a handbasket. On the other hand, the Democratic candidates take the high road. They point to all that is good about our city and all the positive things that they have accomplished. I agree. Because of our Democratic city officials, Meriden is moving in the right direction. That is why the Democrats deserve our votes in this election.

Kathleen Ford, South Meriden 

Taking positive action


I grew up in Meriden. It is the place where I built friendships that will last a lifetime, where neighbors watched over me and teachers nurtured me, where I played in the beautiful parks and knew the local shop-keepers.

My household was always political, so I pay attention to the political debates. I am bothered when Republican and We The People politicians try to sway voters by tearing down my hometown. I am impressed that Democratic officials take a positive attitude and, more importantly, take positive action. That is why, as I have grown to adulthood, I chose to be a Democrat.

Bianca Ferguson, Meriden

Cipriano for school board


Missy Cipriano is a woman of integrity and compassion. She has a positive and energetic personality that drives her forward in assuming leadership roles, making decisions, engaging in program planning, and taking on needed causes. She easily communicates with all people. Missy firmly believes in providing students with a broad range of learning in order to prepare them fully for adulthood in the areas of their strengths and interests. Her optimism and values will bring about closer relationships between home and school, and prepare students for an adulthood of service and good citizenship. Missy Cipriano will work hard for all.

Roberta Vendetti, Plantsville

Responsible budgeting


This November we have an opportunity to redirect the course we are on. Overspending and and a lack of focus on the taxpayer has to be a part of our past.  With your vote on November 5th, I will begin to work on transparency, accountability, growth in the grand list, and responsible and accurate budgeting. Thank you all for your support.

Michael Carabetta, Meriden

Hard-working leaders    


Meriden has momentum. new schools, Green, train station, trails, flood control, downtown and more. Good progress on the hospital, business recruitment and other fronts. Our infrastructure is good.  Our educators win recognition.  Thanks to Meriden’s great people and the hard-working leaders who believe in our city. Re-elect Democratic Leaders — Scarpati, Battista, Cardona and Jelks — who have proven they solve problems and make good things happen.  We know Mike Rohde will produce progress. Tomassetti and Blake will bring bright, fresh talent.  Vote for Democrats and overcome “NAY!”

Dave Rauch Meriden

Referendum, Part 2


It wasn’t that long ago that everyone was talking about the referendum initiated by the Republicans. Signers from every party in Meriden spoke clearly. The Meriden city budget was out of control and needed cuts. Over 6000 voters supported that message but the cuts from the Democrat controlled City Council “not very much.” It’s time to remind the Democrat controlled City Council, Meriden taxpayers are tired of constant spending and tax Increases. Send that message by voting Row B on November 5th. This is the best reminder (part 2) for what we expected from the Republican referendum. 

Guy Beeman, Meriden

Re-elect Denise Grandy


The City Clerk’s position begs for continuity. The clerk’s role is extremely sophisticated and technical, so much so that education and certification is recommended to keep up with voluminous and ever-changing state laws. There is no financial sense for the city to change clerks, requiring costly retraining, and recertifying. Denise Grandy has years of experience even before her election, has gone on to obtain certification and participate in continuing education. Why pay to re-invent the wheel when we already have a talented and educated professional city clerk? Let’s do the smart thing, and re-elect Denise Grandy. 

Joseph Neumon, Meriden

Healthy, positive attitude


Meriden is building a solid foundation for the city’s future. New high schools, and award-winning urban park and train station, a solution to historic downtown flooding, significant increases in private investment and recognized improvements to the city’s financial condition have been largely funded by successfully competing for state, federal, and private funds leveraged with careful investment of a smaller amount of local tax dollars. Democratic leadership has fostered these improvements.

Please join me in voting for our Democratic candidates whose healthy, positive attitude toward our community will sustain the current growth and insure a vibrant city future.

George McGoldrick, Meriden