Political letters: Readers sound off on candidates for office in Meriden, Wallingford and Southington

Political letters: Readers sound off on candidates for office in Meriden, Wallingford and Southington



The City Clerk is a demanding job and is responsible for many aspects of government that people take for granted. Responsible for following 568 state statutes, timely and accurate recording of land records, and maintaining the City Charter and City Code are just some of the daily responsibilities Denise Grandy currently oversees. As a department head, Denise is also responsible for formulating an annual budget and keeping the department running as efficiently as possible. It’s important that we keep the City Clerk’s office going in the right direction. Please re-elect Denise Grandy on November 5th.

Josh Broekstra, Meriden

Vote for Zaborowski


Dan Zaborowski will serve Meriden voters as well as taxpayers well. Dan's goals are to serve our seniors, referendums to let the voters decide this city's fate. Public safety and education are prime concerns along with keeping our taxes lowered and being an advocate for defenseless animals at the Meriden Humane Society. Dan attends the bi-weekly council meetings to voice his opinions as well as others who cannot attend. Dan serving on Americans With Disabilities, Cemetery, and Parking and Transit commissions for the betterment of Meriden. It's time for a NEW APPROACH. Vote Dan Zaborowski in a November to remember!

Donna Zaborowski, Meriden

Vote for DelSanto


We are writing this letter in support of Michael DelSanto, Republican Candidate for the Southington Town Council. Michael was appointed to the Disabilities Commission in 1999 and elected to the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2001, where he still serves as chairman. Michael’s unique combination of public service and knowledge of our town’s regulations makes him an ideal choice for council if we are to stimulate growth and stabilize taxes in Southington.

Let’s put these qualities to work and elect Michael DelSanto to the Southington Town Council.

Joe & Dolores LaPorte, Southington

Serious accusations


Jared Liu has yet to provide information supporting the serious, yet unsubstantiated accusations he made concerning how the administration conducts itself with the business community and the Wallingford community at large. While some apparently disagree, I do not believe character assassination to be a positive character trait. I am supporting the candidate who has consistently demonstrated character, integrity and leadership for 36 years, Bill Dickinson; why go in the opposite direction?

June Seichter, Wallingford

Re-elect Denise Grandy


The choice is clear, re-elect Denise Grandy, City Clerk. A city employee for 30 years, she has over 12 years of experience in the City Clerk’s office. She is a certified city clerk with a wealth of knowledge of the state laws she is required to follow and enforce. Her office is staffed with competent individuals who always greet customers in a friendly manner. As the City Clerk, she initiated online ordering of documents and implemented convenient use of payment by credit card in person or online. Vote Row B 10, Denise Grandy November 5.

Joanne Giddix, Meriden

Build on Meriden’s progress


Meriden is on the move with state-of-the-art schools and acclaimed educators. We have a beautiful new Green, 300 buildings no longer in the flood zone, lots of new building activity.  Beautiful parks and trails.  Let’s build up our winning leadership team of Democrats! Continue the leadership of Scarpati, Battista, Cardona and Jelks. Add Rohde’s proven ability and the fresh talent of Tomassetti and Blake. The Democratic slate has moved us forward and will keep us moving.  “NAY!” is not the way to a bright future.

Cate Rauch, Meriden

Mike Rohde for City Council


The decision to vote for a political candidate should be based on a number of considerations, the least being the party label of said candidate. Experience, character, compassion, and creativity are qualities an officeholder should possess. At-large council candidate Mike Rohde has for decades displayed these characteristics in serving the best interests of our city and its citizens. It's easy to criticize and complain, which Meriden Republicans and We The People politicians have elevated to an art form. To keep Meriden on the road to progress and improvement, I hope voters will cast their votes for Mike Rohde on Row A.

Ray Gawlak, Meriden

Kohan for Town Council


I support Jeffrey Kohan for Wallingford Town Council. He currently serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission. When the High Hill neighborhood was in jeopardy, Kohan voted against the mega-warehouses. But did you know he had the foresight to prevent this disaster from happening? When the EDC was sent to the PZC by our mayor to change the IX zoning regulations, Kohan was the only commissioner who voted against it. If others voted like Kohan, we’d have a private (read: tax paying) school now. He was thinking of an appropriate abutment for a residential neighborhood from the beginning.  Vote Kohan!

Jennifer Frechette, Wallingford