POLITICAL LETTERS: The latest endorsements from our readers

POLITICAL LETTERS: The latest endorsements from our readers

Political Letters

Mike Rohde for City Council


The decision to vote for a political candidate should be based on a number of considerations, the least being the party label of said candidate. Experience, character, compassion, and creativity are qualities an officeholder should possess. At-large council candidate Mike Rohde has for decades displayed these characteristics in serving the best interests of our city and its citizens. It's easy to criticize and complain, which Meriden Republicans and We The People politicians have elevated to an art form. To keep Meriden on the road to progress and improvement, I hope voters will cast their votes for Mike Rohde on Row A.

Ray Gawlak, Meriden

Kohan for Town Council


I support Jeffrey Kohan for Wallingford Town Council. He currently serves on the Planning and Zoning Commission. When the High Hill neighborhood was in jeopardy, Kohan voted against the mega-warehouses. But did you know he had the foresight to prevent this disaster from happening? When the EDC was sent to the PZC by our mayor to change the IX zoning regulations, Kohan was the only commissioner who voted against it. If others voted like Kohan, we’d have a private (read: tax paying) school now. He was thinking of an appropriate abutment for a residential neighborhood from the beginning.  Vote Kohan!

Jennifer Frechette, Wallingford

Build on Meriden’s progress


Meriden is on the move with state-of-the-art schools and acclaimed educators. We have a beautiful new Green, 300 buildings no longer in the flood zone, lots of new building activity.  Beautiful parks and trails.  Let’s build up our winning leadership team of Democrats! Continue the leadership of Scarpati, Battista, Cardona and Jelks. Add Rohde’s proven ability and the fresh talent of Tomassetti and Blake. The Democratic slate has moved us forward and will keep us moving.  “NAY!” is not the way to a bright future.

Cate Rauch, Meriden

Re-elect Denise Grandy


The choice is clear, re-elect Denise Grandy, City Clerk. A city employee for 30 years, she has over 12 years of experience in the City Clerk’s office. She is a certified city clerk with a wealth of knowledge of the state laws she is required to follow and enforce. Her office is staffed with competent individuals who always greet customers in a friendly manner. As the City Clerk, she initiated online ordering of documents and implemented convenient use of payment by credit card in person or online. Vote Row B 10, Denise Grandy November 5. 

Joanne Giddix, Meriden

Candidates Forum


Please become a more informed voter by attending the Candidates Forum sponsored by Wallingford Community Women (WCW). Candidates for Wallingford Board of Education will debate at Town Hall on October 23rd.  The first round will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the second round will begin at 7:45 p.m.

At Town Hall on October 24th, candidates for Mayor and Town Council will debate. The first round of Town Council debates begins at 6:30 p.m. and the second round begins at 7:45 p.m. The mayoral debate will begin at 9:00 p.m.

Please mark your calendars for October 23rd and 24th!

Gina Corea, Wallingford

Enough is enough


The referendum message was clear: Cut costs and projects.  After much political grandstanding, the budget was reduced 1.3% . The actual YE result: 7% over budget.

The democrats have shown an inability to manage and control costs.  $3.5 million in missed taxes,  $1.5 million surplus identified by democrat leadership. Request for additional bonding for banquet hall and  airplane hangars. Finance Manager moving funding without authorization.

Trust  the democrat-led council to manage your tax dollars?  It is time to change the complexion of the city council — enough is enough.  Vote for your Republican candidate and bring our budget under control.

Larry Johnson, Meriden

A candidate of integrity


Wallingford is fortunate to have such an outstanding young woman as Christina Tatta pursue elected office this November. Having known Christina as one of her teachers at Sacred Heart Academy, I am pleased to see her build on those foundations of integrity, honesty and inclusiveness. I have watched her gain in political experience on the ZBA and in her party and have seen that she is able to balance both sides of a situation non-judgmentally after pursing in-depth research and then acting with a common sense approach. This is Wallingford's opportunity to elect a woman of integrity to the Town Council!

Jane B. Reed, Wallingford

Cuts have consequences


We are seeing letters from some Meriden city council candidates calling for cuts to the city budget. There was a city referendum calling for a budget reduction. What happened? The council made cuts. The city lost police protection in their neighborhoods (that has yet to be fully restored), the library Bookmobile was sidelined, the fire department started charging for services that had been for free and several departments had overruns because they had expenses they could not control (like snow removal). Anyone who tells you budget cuts have no consequences is fooling you. Voters beware.

Michael S. Rohde, Meriden

for Southington


I support Chris Poulos for Southington Town Council. Chris understands what is best in public education and has worked directly with Southington teachers to improve outcomes for students. As a councilor, Chris has empowered Southington teachers to write grants to fund their professional development. Beneficiaries of these grants have learned and shared best practices that inspire students and help them succeed.

Chris has promoted a third way to fund important education initiatives, without placing a financial burden on our town budget. He has been very thoughtful and fiscally savvy, and I fully support his re-election to the Southington Town Council.

Kim Padroff, Southington 

Is ‘good’ good enough?


I can only guess as to the “serious accusations” Ms. Seichter is alluding to in her letter on 10/2, however, everything I have seen from the Liu campaign is very thoughtful, transparent and positive. Being in a town leadership position for 36 years does lead to complacency. Where “good” is good enough. Wallingford deserves to be great! We need new ideas, new technology, new vibrancy, new ways to attract businesses and young families. I love living in Wallingford but wanting to be better is not a negative thing, it’s something everyone in this town should aspire to.

Sandy Storck, Wallingford

Character, integrity


During these tumultuous political times in our nation where rhetoric has replaced bipartisan cooperation, it is refreshing that Southington has a candidate running for Town Council with the character, integrity, diplomacy, and vision of Chris Poulos. I first got to know Chris through his work as president of the CT Teacher of the Year Council where he masterfully managed our budget and skillfully crafted a strategic plan for our future. Be assured that Chris will work tirelessly for the greater good of the taxpayers of Southington rather than for self-serving political agendas.

John Mastroianni, Southington

DePaolo for Town Council


Valerie DePaolo, Democratic candidate for Town Council, is the perfect choice for this position. I have witnessed Valerie’s passion for Southington and its people through many venues (work, church, family) and across many years. Her character and professionalism are unparalleled. Drawing momentum from her family’s roots and involvement in our town, Valerie can and will lead our community forward positively and with utmost integrity. She is as kind as she is knowledgeable, informed and enthusiastic. She has my vote. I hope she will have yours as well.

Crystal Sullivan, Plantsville