POLITICAL LETTERS: Support for candidates in Meriden and Wallingford

POLITICAL LETTERS: Support for candidates in Meriden and Wallingford

Williams for the taxpayer


In November, my number one choice for council-at-large? That candidate is “Bob” Williams. As a councilor he has attended neighborhood meetings, returned calls and email from day one. And his number one concern is the Meriden taxpayer, Bob has always lobbied for low taxes and things that directly affect you and your family’s quality of life.

As Commander of the American Legion, “Bob” supports all veterans and also all seniors and as a member of the Public Safety Committee he’s in full support of our Meriden Police. Bob has my full support.

Walter A. Shamock, Meriden

The writer is a Meriden city councilor.

Honor and sound values


There’s real contrast between Wallingford Mayor Bill Dickinson and his opponent. Jared Liu’s columns in this newspaper show many factual inaccuracies, unfamiliarity with government functions and realities, and plans involving higher spending resulting in high taxes. Even worse are recently revealed personal smears against the mayor with unfounded, absurd accusations (Jim Seichter’s 9/12 letter.) That is not who we need as our Mayor.

I continue to support Mayor Bill Dickinson because every day, without fail he displays honor, credibility, sound and sensible values, knowledge and experience, along with unwavering caring, consideration, and concern for Wallingford residents. Re-elect Bill Dickinson

Alexandria Johnson, Wallingford

Serves Wallingford


Christina Tatta has my vote for Wallingford Town Council on November 5th.  I have watched her for several years as she has stepped up to serve our community as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and as vice-chair of the Charter Revision Commission.

 She also has a business background which will be extremely helpful as a member of the town’s financial oversight body.  Wallingford needs representatives who will continue to put the town’s financial stability as a top priority.

Please join me and support Christina with your vote.

Andrew Bravo, Wallingford