LETTERS: Loud train horns in Wallingford and Meriden?

LETTERS: Loud train horns in Wallingford and Meriden?

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Loud train horns


I wonder if blasts of warning sounds produced by Amtrak and Hartford Line trains passing through Wallingford and Meriden can be reduced in frequency and volume.  I live a mile west of the line in Wallingford and can hear them clearly. What is the experience for folks living much closer to the tracks?  Are they annoyed at any time, whether awake or asleep, by the sound?  I suspect that there is evidence of that. Why should they suck up the sound when steps might be taken to better control it?  The blasts occur at about the time gates are dropped at crossings. Traffic halts.  How many blasts are really needed? Is there an optimal number or is it free-choice for train operators?  The warning sound is a health issue not only in terms of protecting folks from being hit by a train but also in terms of personal comfort within homes invaded by the very-high decibel sound. Can and will local government officials, if they haven’t done so, contact Amtrak and Hartford Line executives to discuss the issue?  Prior to that, however, I believe there should be public hearings so that affected residents can sound off about it.

Alfred Mueller, Wallingford