LETTERS: Southington election, Meriden City Council

LETTERS: Southington election, Meriden City Council

All about the plastic?


So, I’m not sure where to start. Analysts, in an post election article, pondered the idea that (along with other factors) the imposition of the 10-cent plastic bag charge conceivably pushed many voters to vote Republican. Really? The new law was such a financial burden on them, representing Democrats imposing their standards on them? They resent anyone having the audacity to pass a law that curtails the tremendous waste of using plastic bags for bringing their items home only to promptly throw them in the trash, contributing to our daily deluge of waste overall.  

The tolls – another theory … while they run to the polls to re-elect Republicans or elect new Republicans to office, where is their outrage about the larger, more ominously looming (Trump) issues destroying our democracy — the incredible uptick of ugly, daily displays of hatred, blatant discrimination and  violence toward people of color, immigrants, women … daily news of push-backs in laws governing clean water, clean air, protection from toxic chemicals spewed by less and less regulated companies — ominous signs that our less fortunate school children will lose their free lunches, slashing food stamps, opening the gates to drilling, mining and outright exploitation and destruction of our beautiful parks and preserved areas … people losing their homes or even their lives over laws that favor profit over humanitarian measures that oversee and put a limit on healthcare and drug costs … the list goes on. But no, we’re going to the polls to show them they can’t force us to stop using our plastic bags or impose more tolls … unreal! Have we really strayed this far from our democratic heart and soul?

Carol Adams, Plantsville

Debate with respect


After running for the Board of Education, I had a choice: Write a soft message that everyone will like or write something important to me but controversial. I chose the latter.

During my time running for a body whose votes almost never fall along party lines, about a quarter of my lawn signs went missing, often in the same neighborhoods that other Republican signs disappeared, while Democrat signs remained. While campaigning, I encountered people who:

• Said publicly that my age (19) makes me unqualified to serve on the Board

• Yelled at me for fifteen minutes because I have a close relationship with a town employee who he dislikes

• Criticized me for discussing a non-political event with a Democrat speaker

• Said she, being a Democrat, is afraid to publicly say good things about a Republican

• Yelled at me for thirty minutes when I respectfully asked for evidence after he made a bizarre accusation against someone based on hearsay

• Whipped my literature at me upon hearing my party affiliation

I am not trying to be negative. I enjoyed every minute of the campaign and am happy with who got elected. Nor am I trying to criticize Democrats. I am not too naive to think this is a one-sided issue.

I do not care how someone is politically affiliated. Six days after the election, we celebrate millions of heroes, including my father and several other family members, who risked everything to protect our wonderful nation, which was founded on the idea that we can respectfully disagree with others. 

Out of respect for what we want to be as a town, I encourage readers to not shy away from political discussion but to embrace it, and to do so with the utmost respect. Thank you.

Rajan Doering, Wallingford

Thank you, Meriden


I am truly humbled by the show of support on Election Day. Thank you for putting your faith in me. I will continue to work for all of us taxpayers in my new role. I look forward to helping Meriden thrive in my time on the Council, and I am grateful for being given the opportunity.

To those Councillors who are leaving their roles. We may not have agreed all of the time, but I appreciate all of your hard work. The time you sacrificed for us is to be respected, and you all have my respect. I can only hope to match your efforts.  

Thank you all, and I am ready to be your voice on the Council.

Michael Carabetta, Meriden