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LETTERS: Against closed-door government, in support of Southington animal control

LETTERS: Against closed-door government, in support of Southington animal control




I was shocked to hear that a closed door government is what Councilor Allinson feels is the solution to our problems at the last meeting of the Wallingford Town Council. This is inexcusable that an elected official would rather make backroom deals or have private discussions than have hard discussions with the public. You are elected to represent the public, not dictate to the public from behind closed doors. 

It is apparent from Ms. Allinson’s latest comments that she drinks the Dickinson/Cervoni Kool-Aid where they can care less on making Wallingford a better place. They do not want the public to question their or the mayor’s position. We need elected officials that listen to the public and not focus on self-service agendas. It is time that a change comes to the administration and the council leadership.

I hope the voters remember in November that the new Republican trend is backroom deals and a closed government approach in order to dictate what needs to be done instead of actually listening to members of the public. We are long overdue to have a fully functioning council that listens to the public’s concerns and strives to make Wallingford a better place. That is why change is necessary next November. 

Mike Glidden, Wallingford 

Animal control


Please take a ride by 646 Woodruff to see how collaboration between all departments working together can produce such a wonderful facility for our town. Although the remainder of the project will not be complete until spring due to winter setting in, we now have a wonderful Animal Control facility!  This would not have been possible without our ACO, PD, Engineering, Water Department and Wetlands departments all working together toward one goal. But, above all, without the hard working men on the Highway/Recreation Department led by Dom, it would not have been a reality. These men not only completed the project in record time but they saved the Town a lot of money because they have expertise in fields which otherwise would have required outside contractors to perform the work. We think a big thank you is in order for all involved in this project.

Ann Marie Conaty, Southington, animal control volunteer and vice president of Friends of Southington Animal Control