LETTERS: Serving Wallingford and Cheshire, Liu letter to Wallingford voters

LETTERS: Serving Wallingford and Cheshire, Liu letter to Wallingford voters

Honor and pleasure


It continues to be an honor and pleasure to represent Wallingford and Cheshire in the Legislature — standing up for smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. I just wanted to let you know that I recently filed to run again for State Representative next November.

During my brief tenure in the legislature, I have voted on over 2,000 measures. Just to name a few, I voted: against the $500 million bailout of Hartford; against making Connecticut a sanctuary state; against giving $100 million to the Dalios, and shielding them from having to comply with the Freedom of Information Act; and against cuts to the Medicare Savings Program, upon which many of our elderly and poor rely. And, of course, I voted against any tax increases.  Sadly, as with all of the above measures, they were supported by the Democrats, and passed by them.

On the other hand, I voted: to cut spending; to require the legislature to approve all state labor contracts; for our state to have a spending cap, and a bonding cap; to pay down debt; to strengthen our human trafficking laws; to train our police officers about autistic children; and for stricter provisions regarding the prescribing of opioids.

Connecticut needs to change its direction, fiscally and philosophically, if we are ever to survive. As we head toward next November, I respectfully request, should you support my efforts, that due consideration be given to supporting my re-election.  With that in mind, please be advised that the campaign webpage is: www.Fishbein4ct.com.

A very happy 2020 to you and yours.  I thank you in advance for your kind support, and look forward to another successful campaign for state office.

Very truly yours,

Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford

Sowing confusion, distrust


The 01/03 R-J article regarding Jared Liu’s letter to voters (and the letter itself) makes clear that Liu has learned nothing.

It was bad enough that, during the campaign, Liu spread misinformation, disinformation, and unfounded, false allegations. Now he has sent a letter to voters that, by leading them to believe their votes weren’t counted, sows confusion, anxiety, and distrust of the Town and election results. His letter — posted on the R-J’s website — claims “the official results from the town indicate that you did not vote” but “we’re not looking to embarrass anyone.”

During the campaign, Liu made false and inaccurate claims regarding (among other things) economic development, purchasing practices, and the electric power plant. He continues the same tactics today. Liu could have brought his findings to the attention of those responsible for the election — Town Clerk or registrars — and asked pertinent questions about discrepancies in the voter history.  He would have found that, while there may have been errors in transferring information into voter history, resulting in some names being missed, all ballots were indeed counted by the machines.  He says that he “trusts the Secretary of State’s Office to ensure that every vote is counted.” Where does the Secretary of State’s Office get the information? From the Town of Wallingford!

But then again, if Liu had sought answers to his questions from Town officials, instead of upsetting voters with the notion that “the town says you didn’t vote,” he would have avoided attention-seeking, publicity-producing, angst-inducing pot-stirring. So obviously his intent was, indeed, to embarrass somebody. 

Liu’s tactics are irresponsible, disingenuous and shameful. No wonder he lost the second election by a larger margin than the first. He has only succeeded in further damaging what little credibility he had left.

Patricia J. Kohl, Wallingford