LETTERS: Praise for Wallingford’s first responders

Overall excellence


This past November, we experienced a substantial fire in our truck yard in the middle of the night. The fire originated from an apparent short circuit in one of our parked tractors and quickly spread to numerous other tractors and trailers that were parked nearby at the time. Thanks to several good citizens for calling 9-1-1 upon seeing the flames, and the rapid dispatch of emergency responders to the scene.

It’s difficult to describe the efficiency, professionalism and overall excellence of the Wallingford Fire Department, the North Farms Volunteer Fire Department, and any and all of the other first responders who were present and working that evening. While we suffered significant loss and damage to a number of vehicles, the potential of a far greater calamity was averted by the efforts of all those whose training and experience proved to be invaluable.  From all of the employees at Thurston Foods, and the Wallingford community at large, thank you to those men and women who go to extreme lengths to protect us and keep us all safe with no expectations in return. We are truly fortunate and extremely grateful.

 Peter Malone, CEO, Thurston Foods, Inc.


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