LETTERS: The people wanted Trump

LETTERS: The people wanted Trump

The people wanted Trump


Its amazing how differently people view President Trump. Since the day he came down the escalator, the entire media and both parties (the swamp) made every single day of his life miserable. His ambitious agenda simply wanted to bring America back to what it used to be decades ago. Why not look at all the accomplishments and kept promises (listed on the internet)? Instead of concentrating on his sometimes abrasive personality (and not many would thrive being hated and disrespected for loving America as he does), it would've been so much better to support him. It’s a shame the media broke the rule about the president's wife — the sweetest, most educated first lady we've ever had. JEALOUS.

Those of us who realize the fabulous turnaround of America under DJT are shuddering now to hear Biden promising to reverse everything as we move at warp speed into socialism. The average uninformed voter will  be shocked to see their freedoms disappear. The Dems never met a tax or burdensome regulation they didn't like. Unfortunately America won't recover from this one.

Do you really expect us to believe that a guy who couldn't put a sentence together and ran his campaign hiding in the basement won an election against a dynamo who drew tens of thousands of supporters at multiple rallies every day? We the people elected the man we wanted — twice.

Christine Graziani, Wallingford

Honoring two officers


I was reading the Record-Journal of Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020. I had noticed the passing of Mr. John Roberts Jr. who was a policeman of the Meriden Police Department. His father, Mr. John Roberts Sr., was in charge of the Detective Division. Both men were hard workers and loyal to the Police Department.

I want to extend my condolences to the Roberts families. The Meriden Police Department took a great loss of these two men, and the City as well. I worked with both the father and son and both are truly fine gentlemen.

Police Officer John V. Boyko (retired) Meriden Police Dept.

Complicity in Washington


As I watch the impeachment debated on the House floor I am forced to think back to January 6. An "angry mob" descended on the nation's Capitol. But it was not just another "angry mob." No, this was a coordinated attack on our form of government. The joint sessions of Congress were convened to vote on certifying election results, normally a mundane exercise. But here is the twist, the Republican/Trump cult decided they were going to vote for a lie, against the truth. It was not a "policy" vote where Senators and Congressmen could voice their opinions, it was a confirmation of fact, of math, of reality.

Now you may ask why I think this attack was a coordinated attack? Mostly because of the timing. The seditionists were prompt and ready for their signal to storm the Capitol. What was their signal? The call for the Arizona vote count. That is when all hell broke loose. Their object, first, was to stop the vote. Their second objective was to kill, maim, and terrorize the Democratic members of Congress. They knew where to go inside the halls of the Capitol because they were guided previously by Republican/Trump cultists in the Congress.

As the investigation continues we will find out the extent of the complicity of the Republican/Trump cult.

Roy Bellante, Cheshire

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