LETTERS: Comparing Jan. 6; ways to deal with the climate crisis

Incompetent leaders    


How much more incompetent can Kamala Harris become?  This woman with her irritating cackle is a disgrace; not only does she refuse to take control of the border, but now she is comparing the attack on Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attack on New York with the January 6 riot at the Capitol! 

Let’s put this in perspective. In the attack on Pearl Harbor, we lost 2,400 lives. The attack on September 11 in New York City, we lost 2,977 innocent American lives. Compare that to the day of the riot on January 6, when Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman who was an Air Force veteran, was shot by a Capitol guard — along with three other individuals who died from various causes as a result of the rush on the Capitol. The attack on the Capitol was inexcusable but in no way compares to Pearl Harbor or Sept. 11. It is an insult to the intelligence of the American people to do so.

This woman is an embarrassment to our country. Combined with Joe Biden as president and her as vice president, we don’t have to worry about any enemy from without, when we have in this country a president and vice president who are doing a pretty good job of destroying us from within.

God help us all!

Sylvia Moore, Wallingford

Climate crisis


The climate crisis is real as floods, tornadoes, droughts and wildfires affect all of us. There are many ways to deal with it.

First, there are simple things. People can cut down on driving by car pooling, walking and using public transportation. They can use less paper. People can turn off lights when not in use. They can eat less meat, which cuts down on methane.

Then there is public action that all people can help with. First there is the preservation of forests which store much carbon. Coastal swamps help tackle floods and storm surges. Coral reefs are nurseries for fish and a protection for islands during storm surges. The permafrost in the Arctic also stores carbon and reintroducing Arctic animals helps. 

Finally, there are things that require government business and science to step in. However, these can get indirect  help from others. Clean energy from wind farms and solar panels has grown, and increased in size and decreased in cost.

There is also technology that is still in its infant stage. However, it should also be put to use because everything needs to be in the short time we still have to save our world. 

In concluding, it is true that wise politics should also go hand in hand with action by electing progressive candidates. However, climate justice should also be tightly linked by all factions in society so that the worst ignorance or reactionary policy can never break it. We have seen how some Democrats have already obstructed the climate action in President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. Now we need to make sure that climate action can continue even if reactionary forces take back the House and Senate in next year’s elections, and even if Trump is re-elected in 2024.

James Buchanan, Wallingford

Fair choice


Regrettably, Councilor Gina Morgenstein has had to step down, but I think this presents the current council with an opportunity. Alexa Tomassi was next in the electoral vote behind Gina. She won the unanimous endorsement of the DTC (yes, Democrats united) for the open seat.

I've gotten to observe Alexa as a hard working, smart, dedicated and effective community leader who is also personable and humane.

The Town Council has the prerogative to name another Democrat, however the only compelling and fair choice is Ms. Tomassi. 

Steven Alexander, Wallingford


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