LETTERS: Mask policy violations close Wallingford library

LETTERS: Mask policy violations close Wallingford library

Library disrespected


It is not enough that teachers and students have remote learning, and in some cases other than normal classroom experiences. Now they are faced with a temporary closing of the Wallingford Public Library. Why? Because as reported in Tuesday's, January 12, 2021 edition of the Record-Journal, the library has serious, and rightfully so, concerns, by a few individuals, with violating the library's mask policy. Libraries are a depository of knowledge and information. Libraries provide the opportunity for all of us to expand our minds and find another source of enjoyment in life. (Especially during these covid times.) It is disconsolate that because of a few disrespectful individuals our citizens, especially our school-age children, have to suffer.

Gail L. Roberts, Wallingford

Almost lost my lunch


In response to C. Graziani's letter of January 16, yes, it is amazing how differently people view Trump's presidency. I took a deep breath and read on and almost lost my lunch. Yes, since the day he came down the escalator he has made every day of his own life miserable by not knowing when to keep his big, uneducated, bigoted and hedonistic mouth shut. He is the laughingstock of the free world and has dragged us all down with him. Conversely, he is wanted by his communist cronies all over the world. My advice: Go.

The thing I found most boring about this letter was the repetition of all the "trump truths" that his sheep have been told so many times that they actually believe. Donald Trump's America is the only America he loves. It has no poor people, no people of color, no foreigners. He certainly didn't care enough about any of us when he was advised in late 2019 that Covid-19 was spreading quicker than one of his tweets ... he golfed.

Let's go back before 2016 to his lewd and lascivious comments about women. And to say he'd date his own daughter … Oh God, here comes my lunch again.

New York doesn't want him (and hopefully will prosecute him). His neighbors in Florida don't want him and clearly millions of Americans don't want him. Note: Joe Biden REALLY did win the election.

So, "Trumpeteers” (like Mousketeers with funny hats but no ears), keep drinking the Kool-Aid and polishing your guns while the rest of us try to restore order, peace, tolerance and good health (mental & physical) to our country. If America doesn't recover from "this one," don't blame the Democrats. A house cannot stand if the previous tenant doesn't maintain the foundation.

God Bless and Save America.

Dee Dyer, Yalesville



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