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LETTERS: Meriden revaluation; Wallingford council maneuvers

Gross injustice


On the evening of January 10, 2022, I noticed a Facebook post about house tax re-evaluations. The next morning, I checked the city website. I found an outrageous increase to my property. I then turned to Facebook and posted about this, encouraging residents to check the city website. I was annoyed that the city did not mail out this information. Another citizen said she called the city and was told they were indeed mailed out. Lo and behold, I just received mine today, January 15; however, it was dated January 12, (a day AFTER my Facebook post).

I have an appointment to appeal the said increase; an increase which will raise my taxes 55%! That in and of itself is highly unfair. I received an information card this summer about my property. It requested I correct any information on the card. I made said corrections and mailed it back. Yet, those corrections were not changed on my property.  

I remember the council applauded themselves about keeping the mill rate unchanged, but now they have found what I would call underhanded ways to increase what the citizens pay. I understand property values increased due to the pandemic, but 55% — that equates to $2,500 a year increase for me — $200 a month – that IS NOT AFFORDABLE in today’s economy. I would like to see where all the extra money from Meriden’s homeowners is going.  What city departments need so much more money? Would it be to help cover legal fees and payouts to Guy Scaife?  

On another note; again, due to the pandemic, council meetings are once again virtual, thus making it very difficult for citizens to voice their displeasure and concern over this matter.  Something needs to be done to correct what I consider a gross injustice to the taxpayers of Meriden. 

Heidi M Boyd, Meriden 



Today in the R-J, I read three letters all blaming the Republicans for what has happened over the last couple of days. All they did was follow the Town Charter and rules in it. Why is no one holding Gina accountable for her decisions that lead to this?  Gina decided to run again. She got the DTC to back that nomination. She used up time and resources from the DTC. Gina also wasted the time of the Wallingford voter, asking us to give her job back. We the voter gave her job back. Then she decided to remove herself from that job. Did she know the rules of the Town Charter? Gina made choices. These are the consequences of her decisions. The Town Council got this right. As a registered Dem in town, Jason has always been a great councilor and deserves the job. 

Robert DiBlasi, Wallingford 

Every vote counts


You wake up on Election Day. You wait at your polling place, masked, in the middle of a pandemic, having made whatever arrangements in your personal life necessary for you to exercise your right to vote.

Your right to vote. The one people have died for, gone to jail for, lost everything for. We teach our children how precious their voices are. We tell our children, “Don't you ever give up your vote. Every vote counts.”

Every vote counts.

A few months later, a small group of people decide behind closed doors that they disagree with your vote. They decide they like someone better, someone who aligns more with their views. Someone who wasn’t even on the ballot.

They slink out from behind closed doors as a unified front. They spew some ridiculous, disingenuous words about how they’re in a better position to make this choice than the voters of Wallingford.

A few of the six proudly announce their decision. A couple state it with slightly less enthusiasm. One whispers it barely loud enough for anyone to hear, all the while looking at the ground. The end result is the same.

There are now government officials in Wallingford who knowingly and purposefully acted in violation of those they pretend to represent.

These are dangerous times. I can only hope that at the next election, we all exercise our right to vote wisely. Because as things are going, it might be one of our last opportunities. 

Rebecca Hyland, Wallingford


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