LETTERS: Political dysfunction; seeking re-election

American dysfunction


It’s clear that the January 6th event was a coup attempt with intentions to overthrow the 2020 United States presidential elections. Sedition. America’s dysfunction makes democratic nations shiver; while China and Russia are salivating over it.

Our country is so split on political issues it is frightening. It is not unreasonable that serious armed conflict may be part of our future.  The work in front of us is clear: on every political level: we need leaders who will work to pull us together. We need leaders who will put country/state/town above party. Especially on the local level.     

Recently, the Republican Town Council had a real opportunity to heal some political wounds.  Their fellow “villagers” wished for a certain person to replace a councilperson who was resigning. That person, the next highest “vote getter,” was the logical choice if you believe in democracy/voters.

So, while the majority councilors in power were contemplating adversity, they choose to ignore their neighbors/villagers from the other party and choose someone who perhaps might align more with them. They didn’t show any concern about their neighbors. They played “too bad”/hard-luck politics. Enough.

Our town councilors should be talking to everyone everywhere; planning/speaking how to reduce the actually divisions/anger that divide us. They should be reaching out; being models; reducing tension.  The political war that Trump has advocated is killing our country: voter suppression; saying “NO” to every policy; not suggesting alternatives. Our politics are a disaster.  

Do Republicans actually believe the way to save democracy is to install a dictatorship (Hitler, Putin)?  

Adversity is showing character? I’m not sure. Adversity is an opportunity to display integrity.  That is how to show character.  Leaders: you must bring people together. Save democracy. There are no parties without democracy. Democracy is what holds us together. Please, show us your best!

  Dick Caplan, Wallingford

An honor and pleasure


It continues to be an honor and pleasure to represent my constituents in the legislature —  standing up for smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. I just wanted you to know that I recently filed to run, once again, for another term as state representative.

During my tenure in the legislature, I have served on various committees, and gained diverse knowledge in many areas. I currently serve as the House ranking member (meaning that I am the House Republican leader) on the Judiciary Committee, and also serve on the Environment Committee, as well as the Government Accountability & Elections Committee. 

Through the state’s recent re-districting process, the 90th district has changed. Cheshire is no longer a part, but it has expanded easterly to include more of Wallingford, as well as all of Middlefield.  

The possibility of representing Middlefield is especially heartwarming for me. Until their passing, my maternal grandparents lived there for many years, and my family runs a factory in town. I used to work there during summers from college. Through them, I have been a part of Middlefield for decades. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to represent Middlefield, and I just know that my grandparents are looking down proudly.

Connecticut needs to change its direction, fiscally and philosophically. Guided by the above principles, I have sought that change. As we head toward next November, I respectfully request that, should you support my efforts, you consider supporting my re-election. With that in mind, please know that campaign webpage is: www.Fishbein4ct.com, and through there we are presently seeking campaign donations.

A very happy 2022 to you and yours.  I thank you in advance for your kind support, and look forward to another successful campaign for state office.

Very truly yours, 

Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford


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