LETTERS: Against guns in state parks

Not what we want


State Rep. Craig Fishbein recently submitted a bill to authorize carrying pistols and revolvers in state parks. Fishbein represents Wallingford and Middlefield. Not a word in his campaign rhetoric prior suggested that he would promote weaponization of our state parks — the same parks that many of us walk with our families. There are three state parks in Wallingford and Middlefield, and they are near houses and businesses. Fishbein ignores the facts that community gun violence and firearm suicide are the two leading causes of gun death in Connecticut. That is not what we want in our communities.

Rep. Fishbein, you should start working on legislation that promotes vibrant and safe locations. Submit bills for income equality, housing and entrepreneurial efforts.

Promote conflict resolution with words, not violent encounters with guns.

Alma Elder, Durham 

Vote no


The fact that our country has had 39 mass shootings in less than a month into 2023 should convince any sane person that allowing MORE guns into safe spaces is lunacy. However, a representative has put forth a bill to allow people to bring guns into our state parks. I urge all representatives of the CT State House to vote no on this dangerous bill. Any further gun legislation should be to restrict gun purchases and use. Further loosening of the regulations will only put lives in danger. 

Fran LaFrance-Proscino, Wallingford


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