LETTERS: Connecticut’s cities and towns: We rise and fall together

LETTERS: Connecticut’s cities and towns: We rise and fall together

The same team


In his insufferably smug op-ed “refuting” Lorraine Connelly’s argument for rethinking Wallingford’s sluggish and unfocused economic development plans, Mr. (Stephen) Knight again reaches for the same ignorant Republican talking points smearing CT’s put-upon cities (“Same talking point in new clothes,” R-J, 2/7). He outright trashes New Haven, and damns Meriden with faint praise.

As someone born and raised in Meriden, currently residing in Wallingford, and with a deep appreciation for New Haven, I can’t let those smears lie.

Those cities were the engines that made CT the wealthiest state in the nation per capita. Nearly every resident in CT lucky enough to be living comfortably can trace their family roots through the factories, mills, and workshops of the great former industrial towns of our state.

It was the forces of de-industrialization and white flight, both of which Wallingford happily took advantage of, that directly led to the hollowing out of our urban centers and relative prosperity of our suburban towns. We should be praising places like Meriden especially, a hard-luck city that in the last 20 years has done more, worked harder, and developed a vision bigger and more ambitious than anything Wallingford has.

Our fates in the towns are inseparable from those in our cities. We rise and fall together, and we are all on the same team. Pretending otherwise is a recipe for further decline. 

Casey Camire, Wallingford

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