LETTERS: Putting country first, and opposition to removing religious exemption from vaccinations for students

LETTERS: Putting country first, and opposition to removing religious exemption from vaccinations for students

Putting country first


I have been very depressed and terrified about that appalling insurrection attempt at our nation’s Capitol building in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. It was frightening to see that our democracy could so easily be challenged. After many of our leaders had been in danger of being hurt or killed, a contingent of them still voted against certifying the results of the November election because of their allegiance to the populist wing of the Republican Party. But after seeing Adam Kinzinger, a Republican congressman from Illinois, on “Meet the Press,” I am beginning to feel hopeful. Please visit his website, “Country1st.” On it he states, “This is a home for principled Americans who are tired of the poisonous extremism that has overtaken our beloved nation’s politics. ...” Please join Adam in this effort to redeem the Republican Party in his Country First crusade.

Mark Drechsler, Southington

Let the people be heard


The CT Public Health Committee (PHC) and Democrat legislative leadership are pushing to remove the 60-year-old religious exemption from vaccinations for all CT students, absent a proper public hearing. The state has provided neither compelling evidence for removing a First Amendment constitutional right nor any evidence that non- or partially vaccinated students pose a threat. To assume the COVID-19 pandemic has any bearing is a misconception, other than the likelihood that the new COVID-19 vaccine will ultimately be added as a requirement.

The PHC will hold a virtual public hearing via Zoom, inviting concerns about technical issues, user errors, inaccessibility, insufficient internet connections, background noise, etc.  What about socioeconomic disparities?  As libraries and other public internet sources remain closed, it was recently reported that 23% of CT residents do not have internet access at home. 

In less than two weeks, over 10,000 signatures accumulated on a petition to wait for an in-person hearing. The petition has continued to grow, yet the PHC is forging ahead.  Most recently, committee Chair Rep. Jonathan Steinberg suggested the hearing be limited to 24 hours. Shouldn’t every resident be allowed to speak? Committee leadership has made clear their determination to pass the bill, using the virtual hearing solely for bill language. State Senator Mary Daugherty Abrams, of Meriden, has now officially introduced the bill as her own.  

Why are progressive Democrats introducing regressive legislation, seeking to reinstate segregation, flouting “My Body, My Choice,” and removing a religious freedom, all in one fell swoop? How disingenuous, too, that they have consistently referred to the exemption as “non medical,” refusing to call it what it is: a religious exemption.  

Why is the “party for everyone” hell-bent on pushing a discriminatory agenda and further dividing the people, without truly letting the people have a voice?

Meredith Nielson, Cheshire

Lack of science and logic


I did not vote for President Biden and find that I am in disagreement with almost all of his positions and Executive Orders (EO). However, I was impressed with his nomination of Miguel Cardona to the position of Education Secretary. He appears to be a clear thinker devoted to the citizens that he is to serve, that is the children of our country.

Today I read that when asked his position on transgender students in his Senate hearing he fell on his scientific and logical swords and has agreed with the President’s Day 1 Transgender EO. This EO ignores the Law of Contradiction in logic that two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive. In this case it cannot be that “a man is a man” and “a man is not a man but a woman” in that the two positions are mutually exclusive and cannot exist. Science demands, except in very rare physically variant cases, that a person is physically either one or the other, not both.

What a shame that Mr. Cardona stated yesterday in his hearing, that he will support transgender students. This will allow women athletes to continue to be defeated by male athletes who simply “say” they are women. So much for science and logic.

Willard Francis, Wallingford

Neither fair nor true


Steve Knight, in his latest column, has thrown a shot at his counterpart Lorraine Connelly attempting to paint her as a partisan parrot for the Democrats. That's neither fair nor true. But more importantly, readers should be mindful that the Dickinson administration has been very lucky, over the years, to have Steve — a political operative and the administration's unofficial PR guy, regularly writing advocacy pieces in this paper. 

Mike Brodinsky, Wallingford

Thanks to first responders


I would on behalf of my family and myself like to thank the Wallingford Police Department and State Police who responded to the killing of my nephew Ernesto Cipolli and the apprehension of the alleged suspect in Wallingford on the night of January 16, 2021.

I would also like to thank the medical responders and Midstate Medical Center for all their efforts to help save my nephew and those who showed my family compassion during this tragic time.  

This is a very sad world we live in. You never know when it's the last time you'll see your loved ones, so please cherish every moment.

Thank you all for your professionalism and putting your lives on the line. Stay safe.

Kathe Wynne, Wallingford


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