LETTERS: Wallingford’s Chet Miller will be missed

LETTERS: Wallingford’s Chet Miller will be missed

Wallingford’s loss


Wallingford lost a pillar of the community with the passing of Chet Miller. He came to Wallingford from Massachusetts after serving in the US Navy.

Not one to sit on the sidelines, Chet joined the Republican Town Committee, along with the Red Cross and later the Exchange Club and Wallingford Country Club.

With three children in school he decided to run for the Board of Ed and served five terms, always focused on the kids.

After retiring as president of a printing company he was called to become production manager for a manufacturing company.

Wallingford needed a registrar of voters so Chet came out of retirement again and ran, was elected and did a great job for almost 20 years. During this time he also became a justice of the peace.

With an interest in serving veterans, he joined American Legion Post 187 and served as chaplain and poppy drive chair. Chet also became a master mason with the Masons of Compass Lodge and Ashlar 332 as well as serving as vice chair on the Ashlar Village board of directors for a decade.

On his bucket list was a safari to Africa, which he was finally able to take two years ago with his daughters Karin and Paula. The trip of a lifetime.

Wallingford was fortunate to have such a dedicated public servant for five decades. I was blessed to have him as a great friend all that time.

Rest in peace, Chet

Dave Gessert, Wallingford

Please clear the trail


OK Meriden parks and rec now that everyone is happily ice skating at Hubbard Park, how about clearing some of the trail at Hanover Pond so we can walk? During this pandemic the trail has been a source of enjoyment  for many who just enjoy a quiet walk. The trail is a primary source of activity for many. Nice that the parking lot is cleared. We can park but can't walk for the past 2 weeks. Many of us will be happy if even a portion of the trail is cleared. Please! Our dogs Ollie, Molly, Prince and Fritz would like it too.

Anna Neumon, Meriden

Democracy in danger


Notwithstanding that it was completely predictable, the vote by Republican senators — with seven honorable exceptions — to acquit Trump of incitement to insurrection is an indictment of their party. The fig leaf of claiming falsely that the trial was unconstitutional is not exculpatory.

One of America’s two major parties has declared on the record that a president’s attempt to stir up terrorism to remain in power is acceptable.

This is about more than Trump. Every Republican candidate running for office at every level of government from here on out should be presumed to be comfortable with using violence and intimidation to remain in power. In the House and the Senate, GOP members voted overwhelmingly to shield Trump from consequences.

Our democracy is in dangerous waters because the Republicans don’t accept its legitimacy.

Hank Hoffman, Wallingford

About to give up


The COVID-19 Vaccination schedule is a complete joke. I have spent a week on MyChartPlus, VAMS and every other site and I get the same answer. No appointment available for any dates. If you try to call Wallingford Senior Center, the phone rings but no one answers.

So I dial again and again and again with the same results.

On Facebook, my friends say I called Newington VA and got an appointment in two days, however I can't get an appointment because they're all booked up.

I'm almost ready to give up.

I guess if I were the governor or a 90-year-old in a facility, I'd have my vaccination. 

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford

Weak knees in Congress


For those congressional people who put themselves before country and morality, whether it be for power or any other reason, SHAME ON YOU.

Some day you may need others to stand up for you when the devil is knocking down your door, and no one will be there. What goes around, comes around. … no one escapes forever.

Nancy Valla, Wallingford


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