LETTERS: Appreciation for vaccine process; and appreciation for the story on Meriden’s William Woods

LETTERS: Appreciation for vaccine process; and appreciation for the story on Meriden’s William Woods

Dedicated employees


I would like to take a moment to thank the employees of the Meriden Health Department and those working at the Meriden Senior Center for their professionalism in providing the Covid-19 vaccine.

I recently called the Meriden Health Department to schedule an appointment. I left a message and within fifteen minutes my call was returned. My husband and I were given appointments to be vaccinated.

In these stressful times, it is reassuring to know that dedicated employees are doing their best to serve others.

I sincerely wish to thank them.

Carmen Cardona, Meriden

A job well done


On Saturday I was fortunate to receive the Covid vaccine at the Wallingford Senior Center through our Wallingford Health Department. I was impressed with the protocol and professionalism of the event. From start to completion it was a total of 22 minutes, which included the 15 minute post-vaccination wait time. 

The waiting area at the Senior Center was comfortable, spacious and immaculate. You couldn’t help but feel lucky to be a resident of the town of Wallingford. A thank you, congratulations, and atta-boy to Steve Civitelli and his team for another job well done.

Nick Economopoulos, Wallingford

An important story


Congratulations on your article about William Woods and his struggle throughout life to combat racism, a story that needed to be told. Unfortunately, many in society do not realize the severity of the problem, even now. As Mr. Woods states, “It’s hard to convey to non-minority people that don’t experience it that it’s day in and day out ...”

As a teacher at Hamden High School, I heard, firsthand, stories from Black students about racism they had experienced. One honor roll student recalled being pulled over by police numerous  times. The reason? He was a Black teen driving a late-model BMW belonging to his mother, a college professor. A big burly senior told of white women who crossed to the other side of the street or visibly recoiled as he approached on the sidewalk. Sadly, he sometimes felt compelled to announce, “I’m not going to hurt you, lady.” Others told of being watched closely in stores as if they were potential shoplifters or, on the other hand, being ignored completely. Their white teen counterparts experienced few such incidents.

It is indeed difficult for us to understand the plight of any minority group member in our society unless we have the opportunity to get to know him/her. So many of us socialize and work with people who look just like us. 

Let’s hope that  the story in the February 14th edition of the Record-Journal had a positive impact on readers. Kudos to Mr. Woods for persevering, achieving success himself, and raising and educating five children who matured into outstanding citizens.

Thank you, Mr. Kurz, for writing such a compelling article.

Linda Kane, Wallingford

No one above the law


More than 500,000 of our citizens have died as a result of COVID-19. Add to that, the number of individuals who perished as a result of Trump's harmful immigration antics.

Let us not forget the deaths and injuries resulting from the incident of January 6. Miscreants have been punished for having been responsible for the death of just one human. One would think that someone who was irresponsible, reckless, imprudent and injudicious in pursuing their duties would be held chargeable. Chargeable and accountable. Yes, in a court of law, for involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide. No one should be above the law.

I recommend a review of Trump's inaugural speech delivered on January 20, 2017. The speech foretold the direction that Trump wanted to and did take our nation.

Look closely, you will find tears behind the blindfold of Lady Justice.

Ronald D. Roberts, Wallingford

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