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LETTERS: A message from a candidate



I’m writing from Fort Jackson, South Carolina, as I finish my fourth week of basic combat training for the United States Army. The most difficult aspect thus far has been neither the physical nor mental challenges, but rather being completely disconnected from home (with the exception of a few handwritten letters).

I miss having my morning coffee on Center Street with a breakfast sandwich from Keri’s Sweet Creations. I miss taking my dog on walks through Tyler Mill Preserve and playing soccer at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. I miss watching my cousins’ Lyman Hall basketball games and going downtown to have dinner with my partner.

Most of all, I miss the incredible people of Wallingford. The greatest privilege of being your candidate for mayor has been getting to know you, hearing what you love about this town, what you want to see improved, and what this community means to all of us. Whether it’s at your doorstep or at the grocery store, these interactions with you are what make running for office worthwhile.

I’m grateful to be able to serve in the Army, but ultimately I cannot wait to return to the campaign trail and see you all again very soon!

Riley O’Connell,
Wallingford mayoral candidate



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