LETTERS: Good move in Southington

LETTERS: Good move in Southington

Good move in Southington


Regarding the Town of Southington's purchase of the development rights to the Southington Country Club.  

I strongly recommend that voters of Southington vote in favor of purchasing the development rights to the Southington Country Club in the town-wide referendum this coming May. The 4.5 million dollar price tag to keep this local treasure as a recreational property permanently is an absolute bargain compared to the alternatives! 

The first alternative as described by the Town Planning Department is that the 90-acre property is developed as the 114-lot half-acre subdivision already approved by the Town, that could be started at any time with no additional approvals needed. 

The far worst alternative would be similar to what happened to a 30-acre property zoned for 1-acre lots off Meriden-Waterbury Road. There the developer was unhappy about his approval to build 27 single-family homes and sued under the State of Connecticut Affordable Housing Act. The developer originally won approval to build 212 condominiums on the 30 acres, but eventually agreed to build 94 single-family houses (a total of 3 plus houses per acre).

If the 90-acre Southington Country Club gets sold to a similar developer, and that developer applies under the same Affordable Housing Act, the number of potential houses goes from the approved 114 lots to possibly 270 lots! 

Before you vote, think about the impact that 270 houses might have on the town resources, versus a beautiful recreational facility open to the public in perpetuity! 

Jeffrey A. Wight, Southington

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